Monday, 17 July 2017

Celeb Style Steal - Jennifer Aniston's Leather LBD

Celeb Style Steal - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston will always be one of my style icons, I love her effortless and classic day to day style and the fact that she sometimes really steps up her game in an outfit like this!

Wearing the one shoulder Brandon Maxwell AW17 design she looked super sexy.

Celeb Style Steal - Jennifer Aniston

Celeb Style Steal - Jennifer Aniston

You can get the look and for a lot less ladies with this copycat faux leather dress from Lola Loves priced at just £80! It doesn't quite look as classy on the model here, but I think would look just as fab if styled correctly and kept minimal.

Leather LBD - Celeb Style
Or for a similar and super low budget style, how about this dress from MissGuided at just £14!!

Celeb Style - Jennifer Aniston LBD

Friday, 14 July 2017

Celeb Style Steal Holly Willoughby - Love Island T-Shirt

Holly Willoughby Style Love Island T-Shirt
We all love Holly Willoughby right? And we all love ITV2's Love Island well, now you can steal Holly's style and show appreciation of your favourite show by sporting one of the many Love Island slogan T-Shirts from New Look or Primark!

Holly is wearing one from New Look above priced at £7.99 which the classic phrase from this years islanders .. 'On paper he's my type' .

But my favourite one has to be this gorgeous pink one sported by Holly on today's 'This Morning' which is from good old Primark!!

Steal Holly Willoughby's style - Love Island T-Shirt

Holly Willoughby Style Love Island T-Shirt
Other T-shirts available from Primark's collection feature #Muggy #Absolute Melt and my favourite from the lovely Marcel 'I used to be in Blazin Squad. #Loveit!

Love Island T-Shirts
Head on down to either store quick though ladies, these wont hang around for long!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Celeb Style Steal - Kim Kardashian, get the look for less!

Kim Kardashian Style

Now I must admit, I haven't been a fan of some of Kim's style choices over the last 6 months or so but she stepped out in New York last night looking absolutely amazing in a simple (and barely there) ensemble. Her sheer Gucci embossed bralette was the main eye catcher but I just love her velvet leggings and clear Perspex/PVC wedges!

Kim Kardashian Style
Kim Kardashian gucci bra

Kim Kardashian Style Velvet leggings

But fear not girls, if you love this look but don't quite have Kim K's bank balance, you can get the look for a lot less, just take a look ...

Items listed below

Kim Kardashian Style for less

Get Kim's copycat longline blazer from Missguided at just £35
Velvet leggings are from Calzedonia
Ria Basic lace mix triangle bra ASOS at £12
Nude clear wedges are from Missguided at £30
Or try these Grey velvet leggings also from Missguided at just £6

Kim Kardashian style for less

Monday, 3 July 2017

Gucci SS17 Sunglasses will do anything but put you in the shade!

Super bold sunglasses were seen all over the SS17 catwalks by many of the big design houses but Gucci have the best of the big bold bling with their SS17 collection.

It's all very seventies and some look like they have been stolen from Elton John's collection but it's different and fun which is what we all need more of when it comes to fashion right?!
The collection is huge with so many different shapes and styles, from all different hues of tint to embellishment and the most unimaginable shapes, it's definitely a collection that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Available to buy from Net-a-Porter but check online at for the full collection. And if you don't have the cash to splurge on such luxuries then good news as have some fab copycats of the various Gucci Styles right now starting at just £6!
Gucci SS17 Sunglasses

Gucci SS17 Sunglasses

Gucci SS17 Sunglasses

Gucci SS17 Sunglasses 
Gucci SS17 Sunglasses

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Get the look - Katy Perry's Gucci dress 'Feels' video

Well let me just start off by saying that if you haven't heard or seen the video for Calvin Harris' new track 'Feels' featuring Katy Perry and Pharrell then hit play on the YouTube video below and crank up the volume! It's the perfect summer anthem, such a lovely feel good sound and the video is just good vibes all round.

Katy Perry looks amazing in it and I was literally drooling over the dress that she wears in the video just last week so I instantly recognised it. The dress is buy Gucci and will set you back a whopping £3230 ouch, but the detailing on it is just stunning and it's a classic style that's never going to go out of fashion. I do think that we will start seeing copycat styles on the highstreet though so keep your eyes peeled ladies!

But the dress was mere pennies in comparison to the chocker that she wore in the video, designed by Djula the 45.56 carat diamond chocker cost a whopping $226,800!!

Check out the video here and remember to crank up that volume!

Benefit & MakeupPlus App launch Virtual Brow Try on!

Last week I brought you the news of the fantastic new feature on the MakeupPlus app and today Meitu;, the app’s owners have announced an exciting collaboration with Benefit cosmetics as an extension of their new try on service, now you can try on different brow styles!!

We all know that Benefit are the brow experts and I have actually lost track on how many brow products they have in their brow army now, and it can be a little daunting and confusing looking through the many different products and trying to figure out the best one for you, so how fab is it that you can now instantly try on different styles to see what suits you and then click to buy straight from your phone. With brow trends constantly changing, you can now test them out before really going for it and lord knows that we have all had an awful eyebrow disaster, back in the 90’s I went from having luscious thick eyebrow’s to severely over plucking to fit in with the super thing brow trend at the time which I now regret as I’m forced to fill in my sparse brows!

The Benefit brow experts believe that there are four key eyebrow shapes to flatter and frame the face; Natural, Feathered, Straight and Bold & Angler. By combining Meitu’s artificial intelligence based facial recognition with augmented reality technology, millions of MakeupPlus users can now realistically simulate Benefit’s key eyebrow shapes through their smartphone camera before committing to their favourite shape in real life. With just one tap, users can instantly click to buy Benefit brow products to achieve their desired look.  

Michelle Stoodley, Head of Digital Marketing at Benefit said “At Benefit we understand that while brows are a growing trend, there is still some nervousness around trying new styles. Our partnership with Meitu aims to take the fear out of brows, and allow our customers to try our new styles with ease.

The makeupPlus app is completely free and available for download on Android and the Apple app store 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Spotlight on Dolce & Gabbana bags

Dolce and Gabbana are well known for their bold colours and elaborate prints and I for one, love their vibrant and fun designs. You can spot their designs from a mile away and I am loving these very summery handbags with super fun and eye catching hues. I mean, you'd have to actually re-mortgage your house to be able to actually own one but we can still admire and drool over them right?! Plus these will inevitably be copied by the highstreet for us mere mortals to get our hands on.

These just scream summer right?! With mouth watering pineapples, watermelons and lemons, to an entire fruit basket!

Dolce and Gabbana SS17 Bags

Dolce and Gabbana SS17 Bags

Dolce and Gabbana SS17 Bags
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are known for bringing the classic glamour of Italy to the catwalk and these sunglasses are just pure 1950's movie star glam. Classic colour and style and just the epitome of chic! 

Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses

All of these are available at Net-A-Porter if you just happen to have a few thousand pounds laying around!

My Tried & Tested Holiday Beauty Essentials!

Beauty beauty tips, Holiday beauty must haves 

If you are lucky enough to be jetting away for a sun soaked holiday abroad shortly, then here are my tried & tested top products to pack for your travels.

With regards to sun care, I absolutely swear by P20 once a day sunscreen, applied 20 minutes before sun exposure and it protects you for up to 10 hours even after swimming. It has the consistency of an oil but sinks straight into your skin so there's no messiness. It comes in SPF 50, 30, 20 and 15.   

holiday beauty must haves
Rehydrating your skin after baking in the sun should be your top priority, this will not only stop irritation but keep your tan looking lovely and glowy as well as longer lasting and we all want to hold on to our tans as long as possible right!
The best product that I have found is E45 Intense Recovery body lotion (around £5) which is easily absorbed and non greasy but works absolute wonders on repairing dry skin.

And on the subject of rehydration, a good moisture mask for your face is a must! My absolute favourite is Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask for dehydrated skin, priced at around £27 is my most expensive item on the list but trust my ladies, it's well worth it and it will last you for around 6 months if used once a week. On Holiday I slather this on every other day for a serious moisture boost to my sun baked skin and it works wonders.

tried and testedd holiday beauty must haves  

One product that is an absolute must have is good old coconut oil, I swear by this stuff for everything but it's particularly useful for soothing sunburn and taken away any redness. I always seem to burn my hairline slightly but I slather this on for instant comfort. Make sure that you get an organic coconut for best results, you can pick up a jar for around £5 in your local supermarket.

Vita Coco Coconut oil beauty must haves

Another fab oil product for holiday is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil which is a gorgeous smelling luxurious multi purpose oil that you can use on your face, body and hair. Although word of warning when using on your hair.. Just a couple of tiny spray's is enough, trust me!

Nuxe Huile dry oil  

We often forget to protect our lips from the sun and I found out the hard way years ago that it is actually possible to burn your lips quite badly in the sun! The result was a very swollen and blistered bottom lip which then turned into a nasty dark scab so you can imagine what a mess I looked! But it certainly was a lesson learned and I now never leave my lips unprotected on holiday, my favourite product to use is Hawaiian Tropic SPF 25 island berry lip gloss which is just delicious.

Another fab product that I discovered after the burnt lip disaster was Aloe Kote Plus Medicated Lip Balm which is intended for use on cold sores, sunburned lips and fever blisters. I love this product so much that I now use it whenever my lips are really dry as it's superb at rehydrating and one application lasts for hours! It's not most glamorous or nicest smelling product but it's my must have for holiday when lips tend to be a bit dryer than normal and just in general really.

holiday beauty essentials

We all know the pitfalls of humidity and hair, never ever a good outcome but you can help tame the frizz massively with a good serum and the best one that I have come across (and believe me I've tried loads) is Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil 50ml priced at around £6.

Dove Regenerate serum  

The dreaded facial oiliness/shine and humidity go hand in hand but fear not, just be sure to pack NYX shine control blotting paper (£5) with you for a shine free look on the go.
And for when you are lounging by the pool/beach, Avene Thermal Spring Water is all you need to cool and soothe your skin, It's a beautiful fine mist that just feels divine against hot skin. It's also great for use on sunburned skin or after shaving to soothe.

Avene Thermal Spring water 
So there you have it ladies, be sure to pack these items and you will not only look but fantastic all holiday too!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Try & Shop Lipsticks Straight from your Phone with New Free App!

Ladies, how many times have you browsed online for make up, in particular lipstick, found what looks like a fab shade but either haven't purchased purely for the fact that you aren't sure if it will actually suit you or even worse, you have purchased it only to realise that it looks absolutely horrific on you!! Well now you can try before you by online from top brands such as Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Clinque, YSL and more and all with the help of a simple and free app!
Think if the time you will save, trying on loads of different shades in store when you can do it all on your phone and buy at the click of a button.. Genius!

Makeupplus' COUNTER, by Meitu which launches today provides an opportunity to try on and shop lip products straight from any smartphone. By combining Meitu’s Artificial Intelligence-based facial recognition with Augmented Reality technology, millions of MakeupPlus users can realistically simulate the beauty counter lip colour try-on experience through their smartphone camera, without the mess or trip to the department store. The app’s leading technology accurately applies lip products to the user’s lips in real time, rendering unique finishes such as matte, cream, bitten, glossy, metallic and shimmer.

A pioneer in mobile beauty and selfie experiences since 2008, Meitu’s apps are used by more than 450 million monthly active users worldwide, generating more than 6 billion photos and videos each month. Its flagship augmented reality virtual try-on app, MakeupPlus, uses patented facial recognition and machine learning algorithms to map each user's unique facial features, offering the most precise and natural virtual makeup application for each user’s unique skin tone and facial structure. With the addition of COUNTER to MakeupPlus, the app has emerged as the leading digital ecosystem for beauty – encompassing virtual try-on, AR filters, content exploration, trend spotting, makeup tutorials and m-commerce.

And if you have never used the Makeupplus app before here's a little more about what else you can do on the app..

Discover Your Signature Look
Ever wondered what it’s like to get a makeover from the pros? With MakeupPlus’ TOUCH-UP you can customise your own signature look OR try on exclusive full-face makeup filters created by the hottest names in the beauty industry like Bretman Rock, NikkieTutorials, Lisa Eldridge, Christen Dominique, Angel Merino aka Mac Daddyy and MORE!

Ultimate Beauty Guide
Watch exclusive video makeup tutorials by some of your favourite makeup artists and online beauty destinations, and learn to bring virtual looks to real life. Connect with the MakeupPlus community to share and discover tips, tricks and new products in order to improve your personal beauty and makeup routine.

More Hairstyles and Colours
Bring out your inner unicorn and go BOLD with the hottest hair dye trends of the moment such as “Cotton Candy,” “Sunset,” “Pink Tips” and more! Our expanded HAIR DYE tool lets you try on every colour of the rainbow so you can know exactly what you want before you head to the salon!

Upgrade your selfie game with our suite of ultra glam augmented reality filters! From sexy cat to futuristic femme fatale, transform your selfies and make your social profiles stand out with AR GLAM.

Smooth and Retouch
Instantly enhance your complexion and get the perfect glow with our “Beautify” tool to give your selfie a polished, finishing touch.

To download MakeupPlus and explore lip products in COUNTER, please visit the App Store or Google Play.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Katie Piper debuts clothing range

The lovely Katie Piper debuted her very own clothing range for the popular online clothing store and it is everything that you would expect it to be, classy, elegant but on trend and very affordable!

Katie says that she wanted to create a collection for real women and hopes that the women who buy her range are the ones that she interacts with daily online and through her charity work.

"This is a total dream come true for me. Fashion has always been such a big part of my life. I really believe that I have created a debut clothing collection which will make women look & feel beautiful - inside & out.

The collection consists of 36 beautiful pieces but here are my favourites ..

Katie Piper clothing collection
Crochet belted skater dress £42.50
Katie piper clothing collection
Navy Crochet Dress £39.95
Pink Diamond Body Con Dress £44.95

Katie Piper clothing range
Cream Chiffon Diamond Button Skater £39.95
Floral Maxi £34.95

Tanning tips from Celeb Favourite brand 'Bronzie' plus a fab giveaway

Well ladies that wonderful time of year is upon us, warm sunny days, sandals and summer dresses but we also face that dreaded moment when we have to bare our pasty skin for all to see for the first time.

But you can cheat a lovely golden glow, even if you are not an experienced tanner and the experts behind leading fake tan accessory brand, Bronzie, want to educate Brits on how to make the most of their fake tanning efforts as the sun starts to beam through the clouds this spring.
Eloise-Maryam, tanning expert to the stars and marketing manager at Bronzie said, “As we transition into the warmer months and ‘winter white’ skin starts to call for a little pick-me-up, one of the most popular questions I’m asked at this time of year is “how do I achieve a natural looking tan?” Well the answer is simple, for anything to look good on your face or body, the base needs to be cared for and prepped. You wouldn’t paint walls until they were clean, dust-free and smooth, would you?”
Bronzie got your back tanning mitt
The ladies behind Bronzie believe that it’s really important to look after your skin, especially where fake tan is concerned. Here are Eloise’s top tips for achieving the perfect tan this spring:
Give your skin a little TLC
“Be sure to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will show through your skin. We know that it’s been said time and time again, but water is like a magic tonic for skin, hair and nails, but many of us don’t drink the amount we should. Also, make sure you are buffing your body from top to bottom in order to remove the remains of any dead winter skin cells - you can use anything, like a loofa or bath sponge.  Last but not least, make sure you remove your makeup before bed. Another old cliché, but trust us - your pores will clog with the makeup, and your skin will appear dull”.
Perfecting a tan at home
“If you’re a DIY tanner, the most common way to achieve the glow you want is to go for a gradual tanning product. You can find a variety of brands in all supermarkets or online.  If you have a tan product you regularly use, go ahead and use that, but just a little less of it. Instead of double layering or doing two coats over two days (which is known as double-dipping), just apply the one coat to achieve a natural glow. Creams will always last longer as they penetrate further into the outer layer of the skin.  It’s also important to be extra cautious with hands, elbows knees and feet as these areas in particular tend to dry up quicker during harsh weather, causing them to develop a darker tone.  In order to avoid dark patches make sure you apply extra moisturiser”.
Don’t be afraid to call in the experts
“To create your springtime glow with your tan artist, ask for a lighter version of what you normally have – or if you usually have two coats, ask for one instead. To keep the tan alive, avoid anything that will make you sweat too much like saunas, steams, swimming pools etc, as all of these can affect the longevity of the tan, causing it to fade more quickly or even look patchy. Anything oily can also break the tan down, so make sure you use oil-free products to keep your glow looking fresh”.
Use products that are designed to enhance your tan
“For a dewy glow, that’s not over kill, there are some amazing shimmer / illuminator / glow products on the market. Our current favourite is Charlotte Tilbury’s Super Model Body – it’s a perfect highlighter for the body, which sets the skin off beautifully with or without tan.”
Founded in 2014, Bronzie has revolutionised the fake tan market with their innovative product range, which makes light work of applying and ‘baking’ fake tan and is a favourite amongst celebrities.
The brand’s Bronzie jumpsuit has taken the fake tan market by storm as it takes all the mess out of tanning whilst making people feel sexy and stylish.  Not only does the Bronzie jumpsuit make a perfect post-tan cover up by protecting clothes and bedsheets, it’s also a fashionable ‘must have’ that allows users to leave the spray booth feeling fabulous.
As well the jumpsuit, Bronzie are also well known for their ‘Got Your Back’ tanning mitt, which allows its user to tan their whole back and body, without the help of another person.  Uniquely designed like an oven glove, with two mitt ends and a middle section, Bronzie’s revolutionary tanning accessory makes it easy to access those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring an even tan that looks professionally applied every time.
The Bronzie range has been noted as a celebrity favourite by Susanna Reid, Vicky Pattison, Frankie Bridge, Jessica Wright, Katie Price, Claire Sweeney, Stacey Soloman, and the dancers on hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing, to name just a fewCelebrity Big Brother beauty Casey Batchelor was one star to give the revolutionary product a once-over, calling it her ‘dream come true’.
Bronzie got your back tanning mitt
Well Ladies, I have an award winning Bronzie 'Got your back' tanning mitt to giveaway to one lucky reader, all you have to do to be in for a chance of winning is like and share StyleBuzzUK's official facebook page (link below) Winner will be chosen on 26th May.
Good Luck!