Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Katie Piper - Face to Face, Must watch programme!

katie piper face to face

If you didn't catch Katie Piper's fantastic programme on channel 4 last night then you need to watch it on catch up ladies!

Face to Face was a programme about women (and one man) with facial imperfections such as birth marks, scars, vitiligo, rosacea and the purpose of it was to show women how to apply make up correctly to cover or minimise their imperfections therefore improving their quality of life and empowering them to feel confident and beautiful which some of them never imagined they ever could or would again.

The twist in the show was that each of the women that received a make over and 'how to' lesson had no clue that the person teaching them also suffered with the same condition, This was only revealed at the end by each of the specialist self taught make up artists bravely removing their make up to reveal what was underneath which was very emotional and heart warming to watch.

The best make over by far was the girl with vitiligo who had gone from never actually seeing herself without the white patches all over her face to them being completely covered. Now I know my stuff when it comes to make up but even I was gobsmacked that they could be completely covered.

katie piper face to face

katie piper face to face
For those of you that have been living under a rock or for my American and international readers, Katie herself has lots of scarring over her face from a brutal acid attack that was carried out by her by her ex boyfriend back in 2008, Katie has become an inspiration not only for those suffering facial disfigurements but for us all in general, her kindness, positivity and bravery is just amazing to witness and something that we could all learn by. Her life story has even been bought by Hollywood so expect a movie soon. For more on Katie visit
katie piper face to face
Watch a short 4 minute clip of the programme below, but catch the full episode on 4OD and have tissues at the ready!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

L'Oreal Love! New Infallible range review

I have got a serious love affair going on at the moment with L'oreal, I mean it's always been up there and a go to trusted high street brand but they have taken it to another level recently with their new additions such as the Infallible range.

There was so much buzz around the new L'Oreal infallible range literally the minute it hit the shelves and it's clear to see why! The total cover full coverage foundation £9.99 is the best I have ever tried and I actually managed to find a shade that is perfect for my skin tone which never happens, I usually have to mix two shades to get a match, I have a fairly dark olive/lightly tanned skin tone so find that most foundation shades turn me into Casper the ghost or too far the other way and looking like Grace Jones! (anyone under 25 Google her).

It really does live up to it's claims of full coverage and what's more amazing is that it not only looks completely natural but feels it too, like a second skin! It has such a weightless feel on the skin which is perfect as the weather starts getting warmer, because nobody wants that horrible heavy mask like feel right?!

The consistency is sort of mouse like rather than a liquid and it just seems to effortlessly melt into your skin, taking no time at all to blend. It claims to last upto 24 hours but I cant vouch for that as I will never actually need it to last that long, my days of all night raving are long gone!

Another great product in the Infallible range is the total cover concealer palette which has three shades of beige concealer to cover eye bags, spots, imperfections etc all with the same awesome coverage as the foundation, plus there is a green one that neutralizes redness and a purple one that corrects discolouration and brightens so you would use it for dark circles, veins etc.

This is definitely one to have in your make up army ladies, for all your camouflage needs!

This next great product that I have glowing reviews about is the Nude Magique BB Powder, it is a super fine powder that acts as a 3 in 1 skin perfector. I use it as a setting powder for my foundation and throughout the day to combat the dreaded shine and it really is so natural looking, not cakey at all.

And lastly, for an extra smooth and flawless primer, try the Nude Magique Blur Cream which instantly blurs pores and smooth's your skin's texture, this is so good that you can use it instead of foundation if you are lucky enough to have good skin. It comes in 'Light to Medium' and 'Medium to Dark' but to be honest it's so sheer that you don't really need to worry about the shade as the colour seems to vanish on contact with your skin anyway, it's more of a universal perfector.

So there you have it ladies, for all of your skin perfecting needs, your nearest L'Oreal stand is the place to be and no they aren't paying me to give such rave reviews about their products, this is a totally honest, non biased tried and tested review from a self confessed product junkie.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My budget holy grail of haircare!

If you haven't already tried the new Tresemme Karatin Smooth range yet then you seriously need to be hot footing it down to your local Boots store. This is one of those products that I tried purely because it was on offer 2 for £5 and I had literally just ran out of shampoo so I thought I'd give it a go and boy I'm glad that I did!

Over the years I have tried all sorts of shampoo's and conditioners including lots of high end super pricey ones but this is by far the best range I have ever used. From the very first use, it left my hair super soft bouncy, shiny and full of healthy vitality. You can instantly feel the effects of the conditioner, it's like giving your thirsty hair a long tall thirst quenching drink!

The heat protect spray that is also part of the range is another must. It smells divine and protects your hair from everyday heat styling as well as nourishing the ends even further.
Even if you don't use straighteners or other kinds of heated styling appliances, it's prefect for protecting just from your basic hairdryer use which is also so important.

I tried Tresemme when it first came onto the market years ago and didn't rate it at all, but they have definitely got the magic formula going on with this range and for the price, you really cant go wrong! I honestly cant recommend these products enough!
They also do a 7 day Keratin smooth heat activated treatment which claims to provide long lasting, salon smooth hair that stays perfect for upto 7 days or 3 washes, so this maybe worth a go if you have troublesome frizz issues? Plus Boots are doing 3 for 2 offer on this range right now girls, what are you waiting for?!!

My new discovery for dry skin & yet another use for Coconut oil!

Hello my lovelies, I hope that you are all well and loving spring as much as I am, despite the chill that's still in the air, What's that all about?? I'm desperate to wear my spring wardrobe but my all over goose bumps are shouting at me to drape them in 40 denier tights and winter woollies!

I haven't posted much recently due to lots of stuff in my personal life taking over my time but it's actually been nice to have a break and having reflected upon my blog I've realised that there isn't much of my personality shining through in my posts which I plan on fixing so expect a little craziness from time to time! I got so bogged down on sticking to particular topics only that it's all became a little lack lustre and I realised that this is my own little space to really talk about and express whatever I want so I am just going to go with the flow from now on as I do in my everyday life and have a much more relaxed approach to blogging. I'd also like to hear from you and what you would like to see more of here i.e. fashion advice, outfit posts, beauty product reviews, make up tutorials, lifestyle tips etc, more celeb interviews, music chat or just general musings from myself on these and other random subjects? Drop my and email at or tweet me at @Laura_stylebuzz

For today I'd like to tell you about something that I discovered last week. Now, you have heard me bang on about how amazing coconut oil is before and all of the wonderful beauty uses there are for it, but I learned a new one!!
I suffer with dry skin, I'm not talking extremely eczema type dry but I do have to use body lotion daily to avoid the uncomfortable tight and itchy feeling on my skin, and I tend to use a oil in the bath such as oilatum bath oil but having run out of my trusty stuff, my jar of coconut oil caught my eye so I thought I would try it as an alternative. I added a few scoops into the full bath, swirled it around and it left a glistening clear film on the top, as I sunk into the bath I noticed that it wasn't as oily (or break your neck slippery) as the usual bath oil but extremely nourishing and once out and dry, my skin was not only left as soft and supple as a baby's bum but I even skipped my usual body lotion!! I was truly amazed at how good it was. So give it a try ladies, and with summer on it's way, I think it would be particularly good after a day in the sun to replenish your skin.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Time to get glowing!

It's that time of year ladies, where our skin is not looking as healthy as it should, the cold weather, central heating and lack of sunshine means that skin is left dehydrated making it look dull and lacklustre not only is this never a good look but dehydrated skin can also cause temporary fine lines! But before you run off to panic buy a shed load of anti wrinkle cream,  this can be quite easily fixed with a few simple steps and some great products to rehydrate.

Just like your wardrobe or house needs a spring clean, so does your skincare routine, and here is all you need to get glowing before spring fully sets in.

A perfect example of dehydrated skin is seen here on Kate Moss & Lindsay Lohan.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!!
The main cause of dull skin is dead/dry skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin so the most important thing to do is exfoliate, there are many daily exfoliating cleaners on the market but I personally don't find these as effective, what you need is a gentle but proper exfoliator that you can use a couple of times a week and as mentioned many times before, my must have exfoliator is Clarins gentle exfoliating cream £26 you will see the difference in your skin after just one use of this powerful yet super gentle exfoliator.
Another great one to try is Rose hydrate facial scrub, £8.99, Superfacialist by Una Brennan

This is a step that some miss out of their daily beauty routine, but it is so important ladies, especially if you get the correct one for your skin. Not only does it remove any last traces of make up and cleanser but it firms, brightens and moisturises your skin before you have applied your moisturiser and actually helps it sink in much better. I can't live without my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic £14.50 and without it my skin feels incredibly dry.

Facial oil/Serum
This is a must for extra dehydrated skin and if you have never used a facial oil before, the thought of your face looking like an oil slick is a scary one but I promise that this will not be the case at all. Facial oil's are designed to sink into the skin not sit on the surface and you only need to use a tiny amount for it to be super effective.
Use before your usual moisturiser for an extra moisture boost and barrier against the elements. You can even use facial oils if you have oily skin, there really is one to suit everyone.

My pick of the best are ..
Clarins Facial Oil £33 comes in three types for different skin types, Blue Orchid which is especially formulated for dehydrated skin, Lotus which is for oily/combination skin and Santal which is for dry skin. it may be pricey but trust me, a little goes such a long way and a bottle of this will last you for around a year, if used everyday. I only use mine a few times a week at night.

Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil £10
This is another great facial oil especially for slightly older skin, and is a much cheaper alternative.

Moisture boost face mask
This is another absolute must for this time of year ladies, they are lots of great ones on the market and it's something that will only take up 10 mins of your routine just a couple of times a week. Use after exfoliating for super glowing results, my absolute favourite which I have spoken about previously is Clarins Hydra Quench Cream mask £34 this is a must have skin saviour and leaves my skin so moisturised after using it that I could probably skip moisturiser!!

Another good and much more affordable alternative is The Sanctuary Spa Protect 5 Minute Moisture Boost Mask: £6.67 for 75ml, Boots. Although I would recommend leaving it on for around 15 mins for it to work it's magic.

And to give your skin that healthy glowing colour try Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived, £3.49 which is a gradual tan or good old St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Lotion £7.95 which offers an amazingly natural looking subtle tan.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Best and Worst dressed from the Grammy's 2017

I love the Grammy's, it's one awards show that I really look forward to, you know that there are going to be amazing performances plus the good, bad and just plain crazy on the fashion front! This year it was all about metallic's and hues of pink.

Adele looked absolutely stunning in this moss green Givenchy gown, her make up in keep with her natural signature style, it was all about the eyes with that feline flick.

Jlo was another fashion hit in her very on trend baby pink Ralph & Russo gown. With it's deep plunging neckline. The dress just had Jlo written all over it, but I don't think anyone expected to see her in such a different from the norm shade. Her make up was in keeping with the pink dress, with pink shimmery eyes and pale pink gloss on her lips. Absolutely stunning!

Heidi Klum looked as gorgeous as ever in this very on trend metallic silver Phillip Plein dress, with a lovely Smokey eye and casual waves in her hair. Just look at those legs!

Another person that was all over the metallic trend was Katy Perry, but unfortunately, she is one of my worst dressed of the night, Wearing a long Tom Ford number that looked like an alien and an ostrich stitched together, it was a very weird combo. The first glimpse that I saw of it was a photo from the waist up and I thought 'wow, she looks amazing' but then saw the full length and recoiled in horror. Just awful!!

Lady Gaga was another one on the worst dressed list, no surprise there right! But I must say I absolutely adored her hair and make up. Her hair softened to a warmer honey toned blonde with baby pink streaks, accompanied by fuchsia pink lips with pink and gold on her eyes, it is the best that she has ever looked in my option.

Solange Knowles donned a metallic gold floor length Gucci gown and this is one that I'm still on the fence about, I can't work out whether I love it or hate it?

Taraji P Henson seriously needs to sack her stylist because her dress last night was just awful, so unflattering in everyway!

The usually beautifully turned out and super stylish Taraji looked like she had squeezed into a 12 year olds dress, not only was it way too short for her frame but the overall shape of the dress was just so wrong for her. It was a stark contrast to the beautiful dress that she wore at the SAG awards (see below) just a couple of weeks ago, where she was my best dressed of the night!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Get Gwyneth Paltrow's NYFW Style for Less!

Gwyneth Paltrow looked amazing and effortlessly chic as usual as she attended the Calvin Klein AW17 show at NYFW just a couple of hours ago, dressed for the icy old New York weather she wore this long line camel coat and tan knee high boots, along with a cream skirt and blouse. Camel and tan in my option will always scream luxury but you don't have to spend a fortune to look the part like the lovely Miss Paltrow.

This near enough spot on match from Myleene Klass' fashion range for is just £90 so you can really get the look for a lot less! It's also something that will never go out of style so it's a great investment piece for your wardrobe.

All of our modern day prayers answered with Bidvine!

I am going to start by saying that this is a Sponsored post, but this is an honest review and I would never endorse a site or service that I didn't believe in.

Bidvine is one of those sites that you will wonder how you ever lived without ladies, from finding the a hairstylist and make up artist for an important event, or a DJ for that last minute party you decided to throw (which we've all done at some point right?) to finding a nutritionist and personal trainer for that new year diet and even a wedding planner, Bidvine has it all at the click of a button, and makes it super easy to find the service that you need, all you have to do is enter the service that you wish to find and all suppliers of this service bid for your custom so that you can find the most appropriate, cost effective and logistically perfect supplier for you.

Fancy a starting a new hobby? Fancy yourself as a buddy chef and want to brush up on your culinary skills? You can search for the likes of Salsa dancing lessons, cookery classes, painting, swimming lesions and the list goes on and on.

It really is one of those sites that makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently find what you need because who has time to trail through endless goggle results and request quotes and reviews? We all have much better things to do with our time, like binge watch Netflix series and online clothes shopping right?!

And on a more serious note you can even find self help classes with such as Stress Management, Social Anxiety counselling,  relationship counselling, grief counselling and much more, which is great because this kind of thing can be extremely daunting if you don't know where to start.

So there you have it, Bidvine has all of our modern day time saving prayers answered. Head over to to check it out!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Steal Emma Willis' Style - Celeb Style for a lot less!

How great did Emma Willis look on Wednesday night's Big Brother interview with Jamie O'Hara?! I mean she always looks amazing to be fair, but she stepped out wearing a super chic Stella McCartney tux cape jacket priced at a whopping £1400, but you can get the look for much less girls, see my pick of some of the best cape jackets around at the moment below.

The cape jacket is just the epitome of chic and will certainly have you making your mark in the style stakes. I think this is one item that we should all have in our wardrobes

Get an almost exact match from Nasty Gal which is fab site, if you haven't visited it before! priced at £68 it's a definite no brainer rather than paying designer prices.

The cape jacket is just the epitome of chic and will certainly have you making your mark in the style stakes. Seen here on Shay Mitchell, Gigi Hadid, Crissy Teigen & the ever stylish Victoria Beckham.
I think this is one item that we should all have in our wardrobes!

I also love these styles, all of which are well under £30 from, and these are just a few of what they have to offer. You could have one in every shade at these prices girls and I am really impressed and the quality of Boohoo clothing of late, quality fabric and finishing for next to nothing! The lace effect one at the bottom is just £8 in the sale!! Grab it while you can.

Interview with Impressionist Francine Lewis

Impressionist and comedienne, Francine Lewis burst onto our screen’s in 2013 on Britain’s got Talent and immediately won over the British public with her hilarious impressions of the likes of Stacey Solomon, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price & Sharon Osborne to name just a few. Since Britain’s Got Talent, Francine’s success continues – appearing on TV’s most loved shows including This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women, Celebrity Chase, Sunny Side-Up and many more.

I had a good old girly chat with the lovely Francine, where we spoke about Fashion, beauty and of course, those amazing impressions!

You looked gorgeous at the NTA's last night, where was your outfit from?
Francine: It was Sherri Hill, I’m a massive fan of hers and always try to either wear her designs or Giovanni for these type of events. I have worn her designs for years now.
Laura:  I noticed a few other Sherri Hill dresses at the NTA’s actually
Francine: Yes a few of the TOWIE girls asked me a while ago where I get my dresses from and are now wearing them too!

We have all had them, but what has been your worst fashion faux pas? Mine would have to be awful white leggings back in the 90's!!
Francine: Oh I’ve had so many, but I was obsessed by the Whitney Houston song ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ and loved the colourful lycra dresses in the video and I had a bright orange one, and bright red one and many more and I thought I looked brilliant and you say white leggings!!
Laura: Haha, I think everyone was wearing them back then though so it’s not so bad haha, did you ever have a perm?
Francine: No never had a perm thank goodness but very big hair haha!

You always look so glam, what are your top beauty tips?
Francine: Well for me, I’ve always got to have my fake bake, I’m obsessed with Fake Bake, as long as I’ve got my tan that’s important.  I do try and keep my hair shiny by oiling it every week with coconut oil. I like to keep my skin looking nice and glowly so I’m a real skin fanatic and cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night and I exfoliate twice a week.  So yeah as long as my skin and hair are looking healthy and a nice glowly tan, some eyelashes and I’m ready to go.
Laura: Yes totally agree, need to look after our skin and I am exactly the same, exfoliating is so important and I do it twice a week too.

We have all had one of those disastrous beauty blunder's, when I was 15, I tried to dye my naturally dark hair blonde to look like my idol Marilyn Monroe, the end result was a mop of orange locks that more closely resembled Mick Hutchnall than the lovely Marilyn! What has been your worst beauty blunder?
Francine: Well mine was the same as yours, when I was 15 I put ‘born blonde’ on and I went ginger, like bright orange because my hair was so thick and black so exactly the same as you that was the worst thing!
Laura: Oh no, well I’m glad that I’m not the only one haha, it was awful, I cried for weeks!

We all have a guilty pleasure, mine is definitely a nice glass (or 3) of Malbec, What is your guilty pleasure?
Francine: My guilty pleasure is sitting down peacefully on my own watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ I could sit and watch it all day and all night, with a bit of Bombay mix, extra spicy haha.
Laura: Oh yeah me too, could watch it for hours! As for the Bombay mix, that’s hilarious, I haven’t had Bombay mix for years!

Your impressions are absolutely amazing, my favourites are Stacey Solomon, Dot Cotton and Katie Price, I've also been loving the celeb big brother impressions that you have been tweeting throughout this series. When did you first discover that you could impersonate people and what made you decide to make a career of it?
Francine: Well it was when I was about six and I was like a performing monkey, everywhere I went I had to entertain everybody.  When I got older I thought it was just a party trick, I never thought it would be a career; I wanted to be an American soap actress to be honest. I used to watch so much TV when I was younger and loved anything glamorous so I wanted to be in one of those glam American soaps.
Laura: Well you would have been fabulous as an actress as you can so easily switch into different characters!

Do you get much feedback from the celebs that you impersonate?
Francine: Yeah I mean most of it is great, some people are highly strung when I see them, because there are a few that don’t have a sense of humour. Most people love it, people like Barbara Windsor wanted me to do it and she found it an honour so that’s lovely.
Laura: Oh dear, I don’t understand how people can have a problem with it, you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself and it’s not like you say anything offensive.

You have also done a quite a few theatre shows, I bet that was enjoyable especially as you wanted to be an actress as a kid?!
Francine: Oh brilliant fun, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got kids now, meaning that I can’t go on tour or anything now but if it’s a show at the London Palladium oe something like that then it’s brilliant, I love it!

Lastly, when can we expect to see you on our TV screens again, any upcoming shows planned?
Francine: Well watch this space, there are always things going on but I have got a make-up range coming out shortly called ‘first impressions’ which is exciting.
Laura: How exciting, I can’t wait to try it!

Take a look at Francine's brilliant Britains Got Talent audition here..

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