Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How to make 2018 your most positive year ever!

Happy New Year to you all!

Feeling the January blues already? It can be a bit of a sad time when the buzz of Christmas is all over with, the decorations are down and the house looks all bare and boring, mix that with the fact that nobody really does anything in January and it seems like a total come down BUT here's how to make 2018 your best and most positive year ever .. yes even the month of January!

Make time for yourself
This is the most important one and January is the perfect time for this as we all have a lot more spare time on our hands suddenly, get some early nights and try a new work out to get you off to a great start health wise, it doesn't have to be anything to strenuous, it could be yoga or pilates which will help not only keep your physical self healthy and in good shape but your mind also.

1. Get some more sleep (even if it's just an extra hour a few times a week)
2. Make time to pamper yourself at least once a week, whether it be a DIY facial at home, a trip to the nail bar or simply and nice bubble bath.
3. Take the time to relax more, this could be reading, meditation, listening to music or just being with the people that you love.
4. Set aside time to do the things that make you truly happy, and do this once a week, or more if possible?
5. Switch off from social media more often. I know that this is a tricky one and I'm one if the worst people for spending too much time on social media but taking a break from it, even if just for a day, it really does make a difference and help you focus on what's important, i.e. yourself, family and friends.

Surround yourself with positivity and laughter
Cut out anything or anyone that make you feel unhappy, this is a bold move as we can sometimes feel tied down to certain situations or people but just remember that this is YOUR LIFE and you have to do what makes you happy, you owe it to yourself. Surround yourself with only those that lift you higher and bring out the best in you.

Watch funny movies, YouTube clips or programmes, you know the ones that make you LOL and instantly lift your mood. I've found that if I watch something funny on the way to work in the morning, it really sets me up for a great morning.

Listen to your favourite music, create a playlist that will put a spring in your step. Music is such a powerful mood enhancer so if you don't already, make it part of your daily routine.

This may seem obvious, but the more you smile the better you feel! Even if you don't really feel like smiling, by doing so it releases the feel good hormones in the body which will instantly make you feel more happier! Smile at strangers, it will not only make them feel good but will lift your mood too. Plus studies prove that we all look 100% more attractive when we smile!

Look after yourself from the inside out
We spend so much time as women, making sure that our outer appearance is up to scratch but a lot of us fail to look after ourselves from within! From unhealthy food choices, lack of basic exercise, a little too much Sauvignon Blanc etc (guilty!) and failing to go for basic check ups at the doctors. Make 2018 the year that you fully look after the whole package and give your body the love and care that it deserves.
Eat more fruit and veg, drink more water, rest when you are tired and just listen to your body in general, trust me you will be glowing from the inside out and not only feel better but look it too.

Don't be so hard on yourself
How often do you berate yourself for something that you have done wrong or forgotten to do etc or about how you look? We've all done it, but moving forward.. try to be mindful and take note of your inner voice and the way that you are talking to yourself.. would you talk to other people in this way, chances are no you wouldn't so use the same kindness and understanding on yourself in the way that you would with others. We are all human and all make mistakes etc, nobody is perfect!

Practice gratitude
So often we take things for granted and forget just how blessed we are. Each day think about all the things that you are grateful for in your life however small, i.e. 'I am grateful for this delicious frothy coffee' or the glorious hot water in your morning shower etc, it sounds a little ridiculous at first and you are probably thinking well these are just every day items that everyone has access to but it's not the case and the more that you appreciate the little (and big) things in your life i.e. friends, family, home etc then the more positive your life will become.

How good does dancing make you feel? pretty amazing right? well we should all do it more often and I'm not talking about going out clubbing once a week, I'm talking about dancing like nobody is watching i.e. in your living room/bedroom.. really letting lose and getting lost in the music, this for me is one of the best things ever, and I often do this in my living room with my little girl and what an amazing mood lifter it is, trust me give it a go!
Or how about taking up a dance lesson this year i.e. salsa etc? not only will it be incredibly fun but a great work out too!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ashley Graham sizzles in stunning red dress at Miss Universe 2017

Ashley Graham looked sizzling hot showing off her famous curves in a red Hamel dress as she hosted the Miss Universe 2017 contest in Las Vegas this week. The dress looks like it was made for her and clung to every curve, accentuating her stunning figure.
Hamel is one of my favourite celeb endorsed designers, favoured by the likes of JLO, Sophia Vergara and Kate Beckinsale to name just a few. The fashion house was created by Melina Harris with her intention being to develop designs that would not only project and inspire eternal beauty for all women that wear her designs but to bring her visions to life that would illuminate the female figure by focusing on the elegance of a woman's shape and curves, and that; it certainly does!

For more info on Hamel head over to the website and check out so of her other designs below, just stunning!

Get the look for less - Meghan Markle's Engagement outfit!

We were all thrilled the hear the news that our favourite prince (well mine anyway) Prince Harry had popped the question to the lovely Meghan Markle and the interview with them both was just so adorable, looking totally in love and excited for their future together. Harry even said that his mother; the beautiful Diana would have adored Meghan and that they would have been the best of friends .. pass me the tissues! The engagement ring itself was designed by Harry using some of Diana's diamonds which in his words 'meant that she would be there with them on their journey'

The actress, 36, stuck to a simple and elegant look in a belted white coat by Canadian brand Line The Label, and a £437 dark green dress by Parosh, but you can get the look for a lot less on the highstreet ladies, minus the huge sparkler of course!

This white belted duster coat is just £18 from which is also available in other colours FYI

This dark green dress by Warehouse is currently £46 from House of Fraser and is a pretty good match to Meghan's.
So there you have it ladies, the total copycat look for just £64, now all you have to do is work on bagging yourself a prince, although we are all out of them in this country so better head abroad (any excuse eh!).

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Five ways to switch up your skincare routine for winter

Well ladies the cold weather has definitely made it's presence known this week and as the colder days set in, our poor epidermis doesn't know what's going on, from dry patches, break outs and wait for it... dehydration lines, our poor skin is pushed to it's limit. But you can put a stop to all of this with a few simple changes to your beauty regime.

Enrich your moisturiser - DIY style
Still in love with your lightweight summer moisturiser but it's just not cutting it in the colder months? Simply add a couple of drops of facial oil to a lighter moisturiser and mix it in your hands before applying for a real moisture boost and please don't be scared of this, I promise that you won't look like a grease ball even if you have oily skin as it will not sit on the surface, it will divinely soak into your skin instead, leaving it soft, supple and glowing.

Rethink your cleansing routine
Switch to a highly moisturising cleanser, light gel like cleansers are fab in the summer but you need something gentle and moisture boosting in the colder months as your skin becomes drier and the surface more delicate.

Night Cream
Use a thicker specially formulated night cream and slather it on or use a facial oil instead, but either way it's hugely important that your night time routine is really nourishing as this is when skin repairs itself.

Face Mask
If you don't already do this, be sure to incorporate a luxurious moisture mask into your routine at least once a week, it's doesn't take up and a lot of time and you can leave it to work whilst watching Eastender's or Corrie!

Stay Hydrated
It's always important to stay hydrated but you should definitely be moisturising from the inside out in the winter months, be sure to have at least 6 large glasses of water each day and remember that tea also counts as part of your intake although it's not quite as good as good old water.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Get Frankie Bridge's Parisian Style for under £20!

The ever lovely Frankie Bridge posted a snap of her outfit on Instagram today, looking casually chic in a Parisian inspired 'Bonjour' t-shirt with saucy red tassels, skinny black jeans and red stiletto's.

Well ladies,  you can get your hands on this very t-shirt for £19 at
Team with a lovely red blazer or black biker jacket and red lips for a super smart chic casual look.

Frankie Bridge Style Steal
Frankie Bridge Bonjour TShirt

Get it before it's gone ladies, I have a feeling that this will be out of stock pretty sharpish!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Demi Lovato is Best Dressed at the InStyle Awards 2017

The stars were all glammed up last night for the InStyle Awards 2017 but my favourite look of the night was Demi Lovato wearing a daringly high thigh split lilac floor length gown by Alice + Olivia I think purely because I used to have a dress just like this in the late 90's with a long lilac coat to match .. it really wasn't a great look but the nothing much in the 90's was to be honest!

She accessorized with lovely diamond dove earrings by Gilan and Joelle diamond Ear cuffs.

Maria Menounos stuns at Charity Ball in New York last night

Actress, and E! news host Maria Menounos wore a stunning bronze 'Maria Lucia Hohan' gown to Gabrielle's Angel Foundation's Cancer research ball 2017 last night in New York City.

Maria looked absolutely amazing especially considering that she has just recovered from a brain tumour! Maria has said in recent interviews that she see's the tumour as a blessing as it has made her think differently about life and she has realised that she needs to be more compassionate to herself and just slow down a little, definitely something that we can all relate to and it's something that is clearly working well for her as she looks radiant.

Instagram @MariaLuciaHoman24

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Rihanna's love of Prada's Feather Trend

One of the strangest trends of this season has to be Feathers, but before you rush out to get yourself a stripper style feather boa, this is not that kind of look you should be going for (thank goodness) instead think shoes, skirts, trousers and tops and even bags with feather trim.

The trend stems from the Prada AW17 collection and Rihanna is a huge fan of the look, seen below sporting Prada feather trimmed silk robe and mules at the Met Gala.

And also seen again here in another Prada feathered ensemble.

These black feathered block heels are part of Prada's AW17 available from Net-a-Porter at £735 and also available in Red and Pink.

But good old have come up with their own version of the trend at just £30 also available in a nude pink!

Friday, 20 October 2017

My Top 3 Hand Creams for Winter

It's that time of year ladies, where our hands start to resemble an old leather handbag! The cold winds and rain playing havoc with our skin's PH and our hands are always what seem to suffer the most right?!

Here are my top 3 hand creams that will keep your mitts looking and feeling beautifully soft and supple.

In first place is the wonderful Soap & Glory 'Hand Food' £5.50 in my opinion this is the holy grail of hand creams, not only does it supremely care for and moisturise your hands but it smells absolutely divine and is just a pleasure to use, no greasy after feel just soft and supple hands and I love that it comes in a miniature size which is perfect for your handbag and is only £2.50.

In second place is the famous Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream £3.99, this is perfect for those bitterly cold days and will provide instant relief for seriously dry and chapped hands.

Third place goes to Dove Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment £5.49 this does exactly what it says on the tin and is extremely indulgent! It leaves skin velvety smooth with absolutely no sticky or greasy after feel, it's honestly like rubbing liquid velvet into your skin. The only reason that it's 3rd on the list is that it's not super moisturising in the sense that it seems to sit more on the top of your skin rather than moisturise deep down like the others but it will give you silky smooth hands.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Demi Lovato talks about her new tell all documentary ..

Demi Lovato appeared on the Ellen show looking fab in very striking black and white high waisted trouser suit by Styland who are known for their classic cocktail attire with a twist, The Romanian brand specializes in ladies ready-to-wear garments and in particular; exceptionally tailored luxe evening suits.
She accessorized with diamond hoop earrings by Mattia Cielo and a diamond encrusted ring by Pasquale Bruni.

Demi was there to talk about her new tell all YouTube documentary 'Simply Complicated' which is an extremely honest and open insight into her life where she will talk about her struggles with mental health and eating disorders as well as her sexuality. The show follows her making her new album as well as her personal struggles. She kept very tight lipped about the rumoured Nick Jonas romance but if you watch it, I think its clear that there was something definitely going on there and that the rumoured song 'Ruin the friendship' was in fact written about him!

Demi Lovato Ellen Show - StyleBuzzUK

Demi's documentary will be available to watch on October 17th and you can watch her on the Ellen show below ...

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Halle Berry stuns at The Kingsman London Premiere last night

Halle Berry Kingsman Premiere

I think that you will all agree that Halle Berry looked absolutely phenomenal at the world premiere of 'The Kingsman: The Golden Circle' in London's Leicester Square last night.   

Wearing a very risqué yet stunning Ellie Saab sheer black and purple gown, the 51 year old was just a picture of elegance and beauty. She chose to wear her hair in a loose messy bun which just looked effortlessly sexy and she left her make up minimal, but lets face it, if you have face like Halle's you don't need to over do it with the slap!

Halle Berry Kingsman Premiere

She went a little edgy with her choice of Jewellery, choosing these earrings and ring from designer Joelle Savransky who is known for her mix of pop rock and punk chic style.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Who wore what at the 2017 Emmy Awards?

Last night saw all of the stars of film and TV on the red carpet for the 69th Annual Emmy Awards and there were some stunning couture dresses to be seen as usual.

Orange is the new Black star Samira Wiley looked stunning in a pale pink floor length Christian Siriano dress and completed her look with 'Butani' Diamond drop earrings, a 'Djula' diamond ring and an elegant 'Hearts on fire' diamond bracelet.

Angela Sarafyan went all out canary yellow with this beautiful Elizabeth Kennedy gown and donned match yellow jewels with earrings from yellow sapphire earrings from Hueb and a Harry Kotlar diamond ring.

Another one of the Orange is the new Black girls... Leverne Cox looked amazing in her Hamel dress

One of the most daring looks of the night was from Modern Family star  Ariel Winter in this Zuhair Murad dress

She accessorised with 'Hearts on Fire' diamond rings and a Borgioni diamond ear cuff

Regina King gave her younger counterparts a run for their money in this Galia Lahav gown and absolutely gorgeous Dvani diamond starburst earrings.

And of course, my girl crush Sofia Vergara looked amazing in this white bridal looking Mark Zunino gown.