Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Paris Hilton transforms herself into Kim Kardasian for Yeezy's new line

Kim Kardashian's long time BFF and former boss Paris Hilton transformed herself into a clone of Kim for Kanye's 'Yeezy' season 6 campaign and the resemblance was uncanny!! With silver toned platinum blonde hair, Kim's signature smokey eye look and wearing a sports bralette and jogging bottoms she looked like the ultimate clone of her old pal.

The clever marketing ploy was to encourage others to try the copy cat look and make it seem more achievable to obtain Kim's style and beauty. Kanye is a smart cookie!

Paris tweeted that it was so much fun being a Kim Clone and they had a twitter exchange/love in earlier today ....

Pictured back in the day when Paris Hilton was at the height of fame and Kim K was just her assistant... oh how the tables have turned!

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