Saturday, 16 April 2016

10 Wonderful Beauty Uses for Vaseline

10 wonderful beauty uses for vaseline

Vaseline is something that we all have at home but did you know that there were so many uses for it ladies? It's not just for dry lips, on no it's a little beauty saviour in a pot and at only £1.99 per pot it's your budget beauty must have.

Condition and grow eyelashes 
This is a beauty tip that goes back decades and one that was handed down to me by my mum. Putting Vaseline on clean lashes before bed not only conditions them but helps them grow lusciously

Help remove lash Glue
Smudge some Vaseline along into your lash line with a cotton wool bud and wait a few minutes and your falsies should easily peel away from your lid.

Tame Brows
Use an old mascara brush to apply a little Vaseline on your brows to tame them 

Dazzling selfie smile 
To create that perfect dazzling smile for your selfie's girls, apply some Vaseline to your teeth to make them extra shiny and stop the dreaded lipstick on your teeth problem. This is an age old tip from Hollywood leading ladies in the days of the silver screen. 

Soften cuticles 
Apply to your cuticles to soften up nicely, although make sure you remove any remains before apply nail polish.

Get rid of hard skin on your feet
Apply lashings of Vaseline to your feet before bed and apply socks for super soft feet in the morning. 

Smooth split ends 
Use a tiny bit of Vaseline to smooth down those split ends and tame flyaways. 

Longer lasting perfume
Apply to pulse point before spraying perfume, this will make your scent last twice as long. 

Make up remover 
It can also be used as a make up remover if you run out and leaves your skin super soft afterwards so perfect for dry skin. 

Stop your nail polish lid sticking 
How annoying is it when you can't open your nail polish because the lid has dried and stuck. Applying some Vaseline around the neck of your nail polish bottle to avoid it sticking.

Thanks for reading! Coming soon... my April skincare must haves

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