Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Five ways to switch up your skincare routine for winter

Well ladies the cold weather has definitely made it's presence known this week and as the colder days set in, our poor epidermis doesn't know what's going on, from dry patches, break outs and wait for it... dehydration lines, our poor skin is pushed to it's limit. But you can put a stop to all of this with a few simple changes to your beauty regime.

Enrich your moisturiser - DIY style
Still in love with your lightweight summer moisturiser but it's just not cutting it in the colder months? Simply add a couple of drops of facial oil to a lighter moisturiser and mix it in your hands before applying for a real moisture boost and please don't be scared of this, I promise that you won't look like a grease ball even if you have oily skin as it will not sit on the surface, it will divinely soak into your skin instead, leaving it soft, supple and glowing.

Rethink your cleansing routine
Switch to a highly moisturising cleanser, light gel like cleansers are fab in the summer but you need something gentle and moisture boosting in the colder months as your skin becomes drier and the surface more delicate.

Night Cream
Use a thicker specially formulated night cream and slather it on or use a facial oil instead, but either way it's hugely important that your night time routine is really nourishing as this is when skin repairs itself.

Face Mask
If you don't already do this, be sure to incorporate a luxurious moisture mask into your routine at least once a week, it's doesn't take up and a lot of time and you can leave it to work whilst watching Eastender's or Corrie!

Stay Hydrated
It's always important to stay hydrated but you should definitely be moisturising from the inside out in the winter months, be sure to have at least 6 large glasses of water each day and remember that tea also counts as part of your intake although it's not quite as good as good old water.

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