Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Exclusive Interview with Supermodel & RHOM star Joanna Krupa

She's a supermodel, an actress a keen animal rights activist and is the most googled woman in the world according to Wonderlist.com, the star of 'Real Housewives of Miami' and 'Dancing with the Stars' has it all going on.. As a model she has graced the covers of Glamour, Grazia, Cosmo & In Style to name but a few and Joanna is also a host/presenter for "Next Top Model" Poland.
I spoke to her about recent PETA campaign in London which involved a naked (apart from body paint) stint outside the houses of parliament yesterday plus her health & beauty tips!

StyleBuzz: You are a very active animal rights campaigner and as well as your brilliant PETA support you are the founder of an animal rescue charity 'Angels for animal rescue' what inspired you to set this up?
Joanna: I have done so much to help spread awareness against animal cruelty and to find homes for homeless animals over the years, it just made sense for me to start my own non-profit organisation with my rescue partner Gabi Gutierrez. I'll do all I can to help animals in need. 

StyleBuzz: Tell us a little more about the current PETA campaign that you are working on? 
Joanna: The UK has been so amazing supporting many animal causes and they are a nation of animal lovers. The former Prime Minister was all for banning the wild animals from circuses and it was supposed to take in effect in January 2015 but it didn't happen in the end sadly. Therefore I went to Parliament London and posed outside painted as a tiger to try to help convince the British Government in making this a priority again. Animals are not ours to cage, abuse, chain-up or shock etc. I cannot stand cruelty to animals! Just because animals don't have a voice, some cruel people take advantage and use them for their own profit . 

StyleBuzz: How does it feel to be voted the sexiest woman in the world not just once, but multiple times?
Joanna: It's an amazing feeling but also humbling since there are so many amazing women in the World, but to me the most gorgeous people are those with a kind-hearted, compassionate heart. Looks fade but an amazing heart doesn't .

StyleBuzz: What is your secret to looking so good?
Joanna: I work out 2-5 times a week, I try to eat healthy and also take good care of my skin by not going in the sun. I love to look tanned so I only use fake tan and make sure my skin is always moisturised to avoid wrinkles...

StyleBuzz: What are your favourite beauty products right now and what does your daily beauty regime involve?
Joanna: I love Dr Eckstein creams as they are cruelty-free and very moisturising. Sunless self tanner is an essential and Vaseline, which I apply under the eyes when I sleep. 

StyleBuzz: Do you have any top secret insider beauty tips to share?
Joanna: At the end of the day I don't think there is any top secret besides the fact you need to take care of yourself at a young age by eating healthy and working out. There are no short cuts unfortunately, it's all down to hard work and dedication. 

StyleBuzz: What’s your typical workout routine?
Joanna: I do 2-5 days of one hour workouts at my local gym that consists of total body. I don't have a personal trainer and don't like working out alone, so I do group classes as they're more enjoyable and keep me motivated . 

StyleBuzz: Tell us about a typical day in the life of Joanna Krupa, what does that involve?
Joanna: It just depends on the day, one day I can be on a TV set for 15 hours hosting the TV show Poland's "Next Top Model" or shooting scenes for a movie or modelling for a glamorous photo shoot the next... If I have a day off, I love to spend it at home with my five fur babies (dogs) in Los Angeles.

Stylebuzz: You have an amazing sense of style and always look great but have you ever had any real fashion faux pas? Mine has to be flared white Lycra leggings in the nineties yuck!
Joanna: I'm sure I have and no matter what you wear, there is always someone that will judge you! The worse is when you have an oops moment that you didn't plan, like when the wind blew up my short dress and my underwear showed. If it was planned I would have worn much cuter undies :) 

StyleBuzz: Do you still keep in touch with any of the other women from RHOM? apart from Adrianna obviously!
Joanna: Karent Sierra is a very close friend of mine and I am grateful I met her on the show, she's lovely. I also see Lea Black here and there when she comes to Los Angeles  to visit.

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