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Interview with Marissa Jade Mob Wives Star and CBB housemate

Marissa Jade is a model and actress, best known for appearing in the series Mob Wives but here in the UK we all loved watching her on celebrity big brother, with men and women equally enchanted by her good looks, former big brother housemate Aisleyne Horgan even hilariously tweeted that she would consider 'turning' for her and Marissa certainly set tongues wagging with her feisty attitude to boot.
She's flirty, she's upfront and she doesn't take any nonsense from anyone, my kinda girl! Known for one of the most famous TV showdown's on Mob Wives, she is certainly not one to be reckoned with!

The New York native who is a single mother of one, has modelled for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tahari, Nine West and Brian Atwood to name but a few.

As an actress, she has appeared in Gossip Girl, The Good Wife and Law & Order.

I asked the lovely Marissa about her top beauty and fitness tips ..

StyleBuzz: Marissa, you are very clearly naturally blessed in the looks department but what are your go to must have beauty products? What couldn't you live without?
Marissa: Thank you and I cannot live without my lip gloss or a good lipstick. It's important for lips to always look kissable, haha. I'm planning on releasing my own collections of lipsticks soon, watch this space! ‎
StyleBuzz: What does your daily beauty regime involve?
Marissa: My typical routine is: I wash my face every morning and every night with a face wash then use a toner. Don't forget the moisturiser - it's a big must.  Follow that with some light makeup - foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and blush.
StyleBuzz: Do you have any secret beauty/make up tips to share with StyleBuzz readers?
Marissa: Less is more. I like to enhance my natural beauty, not change it. That way no man can say WOW she looks so different without her makeup on! Too much makeup is aging too, so it's best to apply less.
StyleBuzz: How do you keep your hair looking so healthy? What are your top hair care products?
Marissa: I have naturally straight hair and I do not dye it. I hardly use a blow dryer and rarely put products in my hair. The less you use, the healthier your hair will be.
StyleBuzz: Your figure is just amazing!! We all saw you working out in the CBB house but what are your top fitness tips?
Marissa: I must say I do not work out as much as one would think but I was extremely active in sports growing up. With that said, I have muscle memory. I bounce back very quick. I do believe a simple 3/4 day weekly regime alongside a healthy diet will keep you in tip top shape. I tend to get motivated when others are working out. I prefer a partner with me to make it fun :)
If I had to choose between yoga and lifting weights, I'd go for yoga though, as I hate looking muscled or too defined.
StyleBuzz: Aside from exercise what else do you do to stay healthy?
Marissa: Eat right, sleep right, spa, repeat! I also swear by taking vitamins daily. ‎The vitamins I take are from a company called Thrive. I use a simple 3-step multi vitamin process and it's amazing, helps keep my skin clear and energy levels high. Anyone who wants more information on Thrive can email:  Mention my name in the email!‎
StyleBuzz:  In terms of diet, what are your guilty pleasures? Mine is definitely wine & chocolate!
Marissa: It's OK to have guilty pleasures as long as they're in moderation, I would have to say my biggest treat are white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I love them!
StyleBuzz: You always look incredibly stylish, who is your favourite designer?
Marissa: I buy a lot of my clothes from small boutiques, I sometimes don't even know the names. I'll also buy high street stuff too as long as it fits well. I spend more money on top brands and designers for my shoes, bags, belts, outerwear/coats, etc, and really like Celine, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Giuseppe Zanotti, to name a few.
StyleBuzz: Who's style do you really admire?
Marissa: Not really sure. I don't follow trends either. I prefer to hold my own! In terms of my own style, I will always be a classic simple beauty.
StyleBuzz: What is your biggest indulgence?
Marissa: Hmm I have a few. I maintain myself weekly. Mani's and Pedi's. Going to the Spa is a must, I love massages and body scrubs, I'm definitely a girly girl. Going out to eat several times a week is definitely a norm, I love delicious freshly cooked food. I also love taking trips and seeing new places. Life's too short to not have adventures and see new things! 😊
StyleBuzz: What advice would you give to your teenage self?
Marissa: Same advice as I give myself now. Always be true to yourself and others.
Please follow Marissa on Instagram: @MsMarissaJade and on Twitter: @MsMarissaJade

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