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Interview with Chloe Jasmine, Model, Singer & former CBB housemate

Chloe Jasmine first burst onto our screens on Sky Living's 'The Face' with Naomi Campbell and Erin O'Connor and famously whipped off her wig to reveal her stunning pixie cut before hilariously stating that it was 'from Harrods darling' and just like that she was a hit. But she is more known for her stint on the XFactor in 2014, and we all fell in love with her quirky style and personality, not to mention her amazing sultry voice plus the fact that she is fabulously posh! Since then she has gone on to appear on celebrity big brother and continues to model.

I asked the lovely Chloe about her style and beauty tips and about her time in the CBB house ...

StyleBuzz: You have such a one off quirky and unique style which I absolutely adore, but who’s style do you go gooey eyed over and who's wardrobe would you love to steal?

CJ: Stealing is not within my nature. My most treasured garments are ones with a story behind them. I dress not to impress but to express.
StyleBuzz: What or who inspired your sense of style, there is a definite Marilyn esq vibe going on, did you look to her for inspiration?

CJ: No. ( And she and the studio drew their inspiration for her image from Jean Harlow- Hollywood's first platinum blonde.)  But I have always gravitated towards the injured soul . They need their flamboyance and armour the most. We draw experience , strength and hope from the people , places and things we encounter and what sticks to us like tar.

My mother Denise actually inspires my sense of style... and I am incredibly picky as I have been so blessed to work with so many inspirational creators over the past 10 years. I hang out in pyjamas (Life is WAY better in pyjamas) and wear quirky things with soul. Currently I don't leave the house without my James Clarke jewellery which was blessed in an Indian temple, a super large bag stuffed with everything (Usually spirilina, raw cocoa, fruit water, lipstick, portfolio, notebook,
both flats and heels - I am a great fan of and randomly a candle fell out yesterday) I almost fit my espresso machine in there the other day.. almost. It was a valiant try.

StyleBuzz: Being a model and working in the entertainment business you must have picked up some fab beauty tips along the way, care to share your top tips with StyleBuzz readers?
CJ: Absolutely. It would be my delight. I'm pretty simplistic really. An epsom salt bath nightly as magnesium balances the nerves. & lavender oil for anxiety,
No alcohol. I see too many people become insane versions of themselves because of it.. and I have been vegetarian all my life. My therapy is cooking.
I love beauty compacts that are simplistic to apply- Like and never underestimate the importance of a good candle. It all looks fun and glamourous, but what one does need to bear in mind that there is a great deal of trial, error, anxiety and rejection. Effort in results out;

StyleBuzz: Have you had any really disastrous beauty blunders?

CJ: I change my hair colour frequently much to my agencies horror. It has been green, blue, purple, pink and bright red in the last few months ! Variety is the spice of life no?
StyleBuzz: You suffered with severe acne for a few years which I can imagine was awfully detrimental on your confidence and mood, but I understand that you found help in the form of a cream that contains mustard seed which just seems a bizarre thing to apply to your skin especially when it's inflamed, but it obviously worked wonders for you. Do you have any other tips for anyone suffering from Acne or any other fab products you have discovered that are helpful?
CJ: Must-ard been effective :)
I ADORE heliocare fluid cream spf 50. Dr Paw Paw balms which boast natural healing properties and take off every scrap of warpaint every night with coconut oil or johoba oil. You have to be patient with your epidermis. It detects stress and a poor diet immediately. if you nourish your body on the inside, it shows on the outside.
I'm taking at the moment too which are high in vitamin D which we in England, quite sadly lack ;) 

StyleBuzz: Being a previous CBB housemate, how does it feel watching the current housemates? It must bring back so many emotions, good and bad I would imagine? 
CJ: It was intense. Incredibly so. Initially it's like a fantasy dinner party.. but then you realise you aren't going anywhere. Being constantly up for nomination wasn't the best thing in the world.. but hey! We somehow made it to the last day. I dislike people being destroyed so publically. Anyone can have a few crazy moments a day. I feel people should practice more gratitude and less ego.

StyleBuzz: I think that your CBB house was the most explosive ever!! I would have literally lost my mind in there, with the likes of Farah Abraham, Janice Dickinson and Austin Armacost all screaming and shouting at each other! Great viewing but boy, that must have been stressful? 

CJ: Not at all To quote Roy T Bennett . f I look back I am lost.',
StyleBuzz: Who is your favourite and least favourite in the CBB house at the moment?

CJ: Paul Danan. As a viewer you can tell he is struggling around the alcohol and ego, but keeping his cool, shark hairdo and humour.. the majority of days when he is being "goaded" I have utmost respect for anyone who braves the big bad bungalow, and cannot pick a least favourite
StyleBuzz: If you could go into the CBB house all over again and choose 10 housemates of your choice (Alive or dead) who would it be?
CJ: Winston Churchill, Vincent Van Gogh, Edie Sedgewick, Queen Elizabeth, JANICE DICKENSON (try everything once and twice if you like it) , Jesus, Nikki Grahame, Suzanne Collins (author of the hunger games) and by proxy I would also be in there too. Can this be arranged? What larks !
StyleBuzz: You have appeared on CBBBots on numerous occasions, I bet that’s a barrel of laughs?
CJ: YES! Rylan is amazing. The atmosphere is incredible. The production team are divine.

You can follow Chloe on the following social media channels ....

Twitter @ChloeJasmineNew
Facebook @chloejasminemodel
Intstagram @Chloejasminecjw

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