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My Tried & Tested Holiday Beauty Essentials!

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If you are lucky enough to be jetting away for a sun soaked holiday abroad shortly, then here are my tried & tested top products to pack for your travels.

With regards to sun care, I absolutely swear by P20 once a day sunscreen, applied 20 minutes before sun exposure and it protects you for up to 10 hours even after swimming. It has the consistency of an oil but sinks straight into your skin so there's no messiness. It comes in SPF 50, 30, 20 and 15.   

holiday beauty must haves
Rehydrating your skin after baking in the sun should be your top priority, this will not only stop irritation but keep your tan looking lovely and glowy as well as longer lasting and we all want to hold on to our tans as long as possible right!
The best product that I have found is E45 Intense Recovery body lotion (around £5) which is easily absorbed and non greasy but works absolute wonders on repairing dry skin.

And on the subject of rehydration, a good moisture mask for your face is a must! My absolute favourite is Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask for dehydrated skin, priced at around £27 is my most expensive item on the list but trust my ladies, it's well worth it and it will last you for around 6 months if used once a week. On Holiday I slather this on every other day for a serious moisture boost to my sun baked skin and it works wonders.

tried and testedd holiday beauty must haves  

One product that is an absolute must have is good old coconut oil, I swear by this stuff for everything but it's particularly useful for soothing sunburn and taken away any redness. I always seem to burn my hairline slightly but I slather this on for instant comfort. Make sure that you get an organic coconut for best results, you can pick up a jar for around £5 in your local supermarket.

Vita Coco Coconut oil beauty must haves

Another fab oil product for holiday is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil which is a gorgeous smelling luxurious multi purpose oil that you can use on your face, body and hair. Although word of warning when using on your hair.. Just a couple of tiny spray's is enough, trust me!

Nuxe Huile dry oil  

We often forget to protect our lips from the sun and I found out the hard way years ago that it is actually possible to burn your lips quite badly in the sun! The result was a very swollen and blistered bottom lip which then turned into a nasty dark scab so you can imagine what a mess I looked! But it certainly was a lesson learned and I now never leave my lips unprotected on holiday, my favourite product to use is Hawaiian Tropic SPF 25 island berry lip gloss which is just delicious.

Another fab product that I discovered after the burnt lip disaster was Aloe Kote Plus Medicated Lip Balm which is intended for use on cold sores, sunburned lips and fever blisters. I love this product so much that I now use it whenever my lips are really dry as it's superb at rehydrating and one application lasts for hours! It's not most glamorous or nicest smelling product but it's my must have for holiday when lips tend to be a bit dryer than normal and just in general really.

holiday beauty essentials

We all know the pitfalls of humidity and hair, never ever a good outcome but you can help tame the frizz massively with a good serum and the best one that I have come across (and believe me I've tried loads) is Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil 50ml priced at around £6.

Dove Regenerate serum  

The dreaded facial oiliness/shine and humidity go hand in hand but fear not, just be sure to pack NYX shine control blotting paper (£5) with you for a shine free look on the go.
And for when you are lounging by the pool/beach, Avene Thermal Spring Water is all you need to cool and soothe your skin, It's a beautiful fine mist that just feels divine against hot skin. It's also great for use on sunburned skin or after shaving to soothe.

Avene Thermal Spring water 
So there you have it ladies, be sure to pack these items and you will not only look but fantastic all holiday too!

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