Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Katie Piper - Face to Face, Must watch programme!

katie piper face to face

If you didn't catch Katie Piper's fantastic programme on channel 4 last night then you need to watch it on catch up ladies!

Face to Face was a programme about women (and one man) with facial imperfections such as birth marks, scars, vitiligo, rosacea and the purpose of it was to show women how to apply make up correctly to cover or minimise their imperfections therefore improving their quality of life and empowering them to feel confident and beautiful which some of them never imagined they ever could or would again.

The twist in the show was that each of the women that received a make over and 'how to' lesson had no clue that the person teaching them also suffered with the same condition, This was only revealed at the end by each of the specialist self taught make up artists bravely removing their make up to reveal what was underneath which was very emotional and heart warming to watch.

The best make over by far was the girl with vitiligo who had gone from never actually seeing herself without the white patches all over her face to them being completely covered. Now I know my stuff when it comes to make up but even I was gobsmacked that they could be completely covered.

katie piper face to face

katie piper face to face
For those of you that have been living under a rock or for my American and international readers, Katie herself has lots of scarring over her face from a brutal acid attack that was carried out by her by her ex boyfriend back in 2008, Katie has become an inspiration not only for those suffering facial disfigurements but for us all in general, her kindness, positivity and bravery is just amazing to witness and something that we could all learn by. Her life story has even been bought by Hollywood so expect a movie soon. For more on Katie visit
katie piper face to face
Watch a short 4 minute clip of the programme below, but catch the full episode on 4OD and have tissues at the ready!

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