Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My new discovery for dry skin & yet another use for Coconut oil!

Hello my lovelies, I hope that you are all well and loving spring as much as I am, despite the chill that's still in the air, What's that all about?? I'm desperate to wear my spring wardrobe but my all over goose bumps are shouting at me to drape them in 40 denier tights and winter woollies!

I haven't posted much recently due to lots of stuff in my personal life taking over my time but it's actually been nice to have a break and having reflected upon my blog I've realised that there isn't much of my personality shining through in my posts which I plan on fixing so expect a little craziness from time to time! I got so bogged down on sticking to particular topics only that it's all became a little lack lustre and I realised that this is my own little space to really talk about and express whatever I want so I am just going to go with the flow from now on as I do in my everyday life and have a much more relaxed approach to blogging. I'd also like to hear from you and what you would like to see more of here i.e. fashion advice, outfit posts, beauty product reviews, make up tutorials, lifestyle tips etc, more celeb interviews, music chat or just general musings from myself on these and other random subjects? Drop my and email at Stylebuzzuk@gmail.com or tweet me at @Laura_stylebuzz

For today I'd like to tell you about something that I discovered last week. Now, you have heard me bang on about how amazing coconut oil is before and all of the wonderful beauty uses there are for it, but I learned a new one!!
I suffer with dry skin, I'm not talking extremely eczema type dry but I do have to use body lotion daily to avoid the uncomfortable tight and itchy feeling on my skin, and I tend to use a oil in the bath such as oilatum bath oil but having run out of my trusty stuff, my jar of coconut oil caught my eye so I thought I would try it as an alternative. I added a few scoops into the full bath, swirled it around and it left a glistening clear film on the top, as I sunk into the bath I noticed that it wasn't as oily (or break your neck slippery) as the usual bath oil but extremely nourishing and once out and dry, my skin was not only left as soft and supple as a baby's bum but I even skipped my usual body lotion!! I was truly amazed at how good it was. So give it a try ladies, and with summer on it's way, I think it would be particularly good after a day in the sun to replenish your skin.

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