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Interview with Impressionist Francine Lewis

Impressionist and comedienne, Francine Lewis burst onto our screen’s in 2013 on Britain’s got Talent and immediately won over the British public with her hilarious impressions of the likes of Stacey Solomon, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price & Sharon Osborne to name just a few. Since Britain’s Got Talent, Francine’s success continues – appearing on TV’s most loved shows including This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women, Celebrity Chase, Sunny Side-Up and many more.

I had a good old girly chat with the lovely Francine, where we spoke about Fashion, beauty and of course, those amazing impressions!

You looked gorgeous at the NTA's last night, where was your outfit from?
Francine: It was Sherri Hill, I’m a massive fan of hers and always try to either wear her designs or Giovanni for these type of events. I have worn her designs for years now.
Laura:  I noticed a few other Sherri Hill dresses at the NTA’s actually
Francine: Yes a few of the TOWIE girls asked me a while ago where I get my dresses from and are now wearing them too!

We have all had them, but what has been your worst fashion faux pas? Mine would have to be awful white leggings back in the 90's!!
Francine: Oh I’ve had so many, but I was obsessed by the Whitney Houston song ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ and loved the colourful lycra dresses in the video and I had a bright orange one, and bright red one and many more and I thought I looked brilliant and you say white leggings!!
Laura: Haha, I think everyone was wearing them back then though so it’s not so bad haha, did you ever have a perm?
Francine: No never had a perm thank goodness but very big hair haha!

You always look so glam, what are your top beauty tips?
Francine: Well for me, I’ve always got to have my fake bake, I’m obsessed with Fake Bake, as long as I’ve got my tan that’s important.  I do try and keep my hair shiny by oiling it every week with coconut oil. I like to keep my skin looking nice and glowly so I’m a real skin fanatic and cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night and I exfoliate twice a week.  So yeah as long as my skin and hair are looking healthy and a nice glowly tan, some eyelashes and I’m ready to go.
Laura: Yes totally agree, need to look after our skin and I am exactly the same, exfoliating is so important and I do it twice a week too.

We have all had one of those disastrous beauty blunder's, when I was 15, I tried to dye my naturally dark hair blonde to look like my idol Marilyn Monroe, the end result was a mop of orange locks that more closely resembled Mick Hutchnall than the lovely Marilyn! What has been your worst beauty blunder?
Francine: Well mine was the same as yours, when I was 15 I put ‘born blonde’ on and I went ginger, like bright orange because my hair was so thick and black so exactly the same as you that was the worst thing!
Laura: Oh no, well I’m glad that I’m not the only one haha, it was awful, I cried for weeks!

We all have a guilty pleasure, mine is definitely a nice glass (or 3) of Malbec, What is your guilty pleasure?
Francine: My guilty pleasure is sitting down peacefully on my own watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ I could sit and watch it all day and all night, with a bit of Bombay mix, extra spicy haha.
Laura: Oh yeah me too, could watch it for hours! As for the Bombay mix, that’s hilarious, I haven’t had Bombay mix for years!

Your impressions are absolutely amazing, my favourites are Stacey Solomon, Dot Cotton and Katie Price, I've also been loving the celeb big brother impressions that you have been tweeting throughout this series. When did you first discover that you could impersonate people and what made you decide to make a career of it?
Francine: Well it was when I was about six and I was like a performing monkey, everywhere I went I had to entertain everybody.  When I got older I thought it was just a party trick, I never thought it would be a career; I wanted to be an American soap actress to be honest. I used to watch so much TV when I was younger and loved anything glamorous so I wanted to be in one of those glam American soaps.
Laura: Well you would have been fabulous as an actress as you can so easily switch into different characters!

Do you get much feedback from the celebs that you impersonate?
Francine: Yeah I mean most of it is great, some people are highly strung when I see them, because there are a few that don’t have a sense of humour. Most people love it, people like Barbara Windsor wanted me to do it and she found it an honour so that’s lovely.
Laura: Oh dear, I don’t understand how people can have a problem with it, you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself and it’s not like you say anything offensive.

You have also done a quite a few theatre shows, I bet that was enjoyable especially as you wanted to be an actress as a kid?!
Francine: Oh brilliant fun, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got kids now, meaning that I can’t go on tour or anything now but if it’s a show at the London Palladium oe something like that then it’s brilliant, I love it!

Lastly, when can we expect to see you on our TV screens again, any upcoming shows planned?
Francine: Well watch this space, there are always things going on but I have got a make-up range coming out shortly called ‘first impressions’ which is exciting.
Laura: How exciting, I can’t wait to try it!

Take a look at Francine's brilliant Britains Got Talent audition here..

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