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Exclusive interview with the Legendary Joyce Sims

'Come into my life' and 'All in All' were and continue to be club classics internationally. Reaching global success in the late eighties and still going strong today, Joyce Sims is one of my all time favourite artists. All women above the age of 25 will know and love Joyce's classic club banger.

Joyce's music can be heard on the soundtrack of the movie Species, and her songs were recorded or sampled by Randy Crawford, Angie Stone, and Snoop Dogg.

I was thrilled to learn that Joyce was flying over from New York to perform a couple of intimate gigs and I popped in to have a chat with her at one of these on Thursday night.

Come into my life is by far one of my favourite songs of all time, and I know I'm not alone in that, it's a song that I think every woman can relate to.  Was it written from a personal perspective?
Joyce: It wasn't, I just really liked the title, you know I can take a title a write around it and that how 'Come into my life' came about and I think it can be such a universal message.

I have personally listened to the 'Come into my life' album a million times over the years and love each and every track. It's like telling a tale of an entire relationship from start to end as one half of the songs are very happy and written about the first throws of love and then the other half are written about a relationship breakdown and heartbreak, my favourite in particular is 'it wasn't easy' were any of the songs written in relevance to a personal relationship of yours?
Joyce: Yes 'It wasn't easy' was written from a personal experience, when going through a bad break up, and you know some people are in relationships that they know they need to get of but they really don't want to because they are so in love and so attached but you know it's no good for you so that's where that song come from.

What was the inspiration behind your most recent album 'Love Song'
Joyce: It was actually a collection of singles that I had put out but they were all love songs and going through either things that I had experienced or things that I had experienced through friends and family, and of all the tracks I had put together like 'wishing & dreaming' and 'all I want is you' its a collection of all the love songs and that's what makes up the album.

My favourite is 'Did it done it' it's so upbeat and feel good, it really gets me pumped up
Joyce: Oh really yes that's my girl power song ha-ha work hard all day, put your shoes on and go out and hit the club.

What is your personal favourite from the 'Love song' album?
Joyce: My favourite is 'all I want is you', I think that's a really pretty song, and you know a lot of people especially women, we're in love and we try to hide our feelings because we don't want to be hurt and we put up a front but all we want is to be with that person that has our heart. You know, your afraid to let it go but 'all I want is you'; You know you could give me all the money and diamonds in the world, I mean they're nice ha-ha but all I want to be is loved.

Do you have any new music planned?
Joyce: Oh yes I have a new single that's coming out next month called 'Saving all my love' and next year will be my 30 years in the business.

Yes I was actually going to ask you about that, over the 30 years, what has been your career highlight?
Joyce: I'd have to say hearing my records on the radio for the very first time, that was amazing and I will never forget it.

Who was your biggest music influence growing up?
Joyce: The Jackson Five, they were my first album, the ABC album and then after that, Chaka Khan and Patti Labelle.

Who is your favourite artist at the moment and who would you like to work with if you had the chance?
Joyce: I really like Bruno Mars, he is so talented and such a great songwriter, he has written so many hits it's just amazing, but there is a lot you know, I really love Adele, her voice her style. Mary J Blige is another one of my favourites.

One of the biggest upcoming trends is the eighties trend, do you still have the pink sparkly dress from the 'Come into my life' video? I was thinking that you could reuse it ha ha.
Joyce: Ha-ha no I don't have it and if I did I wouldn't fit in it now ha-ha, I do have some items from back then, but not that one.

Do you have good beauty tips that you have learnt over the years?
Joyce: Drink a lot if water and moisturise, moisturise!
Laura: Yeah I totally agree with that!
Joyce: And you know, I never go to bed with make up on, so that's the main thing, I drink a lot of water and take care of myself.
Laura: Well you look fantastic Joyce.

Get all of the latest news about Joyce on her official website at  and follow her on Twitter @Joycesims and check her 1988 Top of the Pops performance below..

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