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Exclusive Interview with Model & Entrepreneur Caprice Bourret

This is the first interview in my 'Inspirational Women' series and Caprice Bourret CEO & Founder of By Caprice Products is the perfect example, she is a successful model, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, wife and mother.

When Caprice ventured to England from Southern California she quickly became one of the most photographed women in the world, appearing on over 300 magazine covers across the globe. She was voted GQ Magazine's Women of the Year and Maxims International women of the year three years running. She received rave reviews in the London's West End playing the lead role in 'The Vagina Monologues' and the musical 'Rent'. She has appeared in over 150 TV shows and movies.

Caprice is also a huge philanthropist raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for her selected charities in which she is their patron or ambassador. She is Ambassador for Princes Trust, Childline, Tikva, Drop4Drop and a Patron for Women's Trust.

In the last few years, Miss Bourret has been reaching out to a range of audiences, from University students to entrepreneurs/CEO's starting new businesses. She speaks openly for approximately 60 minutes about starting from nothing but a vision, passion and relentless determination to make By Caprice a worldwide success. Miss Bourret now revolves her life around running and fully financing her own By Caprice products and being the best mommy she could be to her beautiful sons Jax and Jett Bourret-Comfort.

I first purchased your By Caprice lingerie years ago and fell in love with it's superior style, comfort and the perfect subtle boost for your bust making it extremely flattering without being over the top. I have continued to purchase more from the range over the years and my all time favourite set is OH LA LA ICE. Where do you get your inspiration for all of the varied styles from and what inspired you to start the home range?

CB: It is fantastic to receive feedback like this!  We look at what styles work, what's colours, textures and patterns are popular. We then also do our trend research by going to Paris.
By Caprice Home was the natural step for the By Caprice brand. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response and we are thankful for the support from our stockists House of Fraser, and 
We are now branching out internationally and adding additional home products to cater for growing demand.

Why was it important for you to set-up Caprice Products?
CB: I started the company in hope of creating a brand and company that I can pass onto my future family. It was also important to have longevity in a career that was not reliant on my looks.  I was in my 30s and I had to think of my next career step, and I needed to find my plan B when I was on the top of my game in modelling world.

For other budding entrepreneurs out there, What is the best business advice you have received?
CB: Don’t be ashamed of wanting to make money. However always have integrity and don’t burn bridges to get ahead.

Having been a model for over 20 years, you must have picked up some fantastic beauty and make up tips and I can personally vouch for how flawless your skin is having met you at the National TV awards many years ago. Can you share some insider beauty tips with us?
CB: Make sure you get plentiful sleep. 
I am also trying this new treatment at the moment and its fantastic - it is a derma pen stem cell treatment with needling.  It stimulates the bodies own natural collagen to rejuvenate and revive skin. There is a bit of downtime needed as you look a bit red and plump but the after effects are fantastic.

Can you talk us through your daily beauty routine and all time favourite products?

CB: I wash my face with water twice daily and exfoliate regularly. I use pure organic products....I am also a big believer in what you put in your body... I try and eat organic foods as much as possible!

You are mum to two adorable boys but being such a successful business woman, how do you manage your time between family, friends and all important time for yourself? What are your top tips for other working mums?
CB: I wish there was a formula I could share but there isn’t! It isn’t easy. You just learn not to sleep! 
The key element is to try and have home time and work time.
I was fortunate enough to have the space to move my office to our house which has helped. I’m able to make the children’s breakfast, lunch and dinner then get back to the office. As a woman we are the glue of the family – we have to bring home half the bacon.

Do you have any health tips with regards to staying in shape and healthy with a busy life?
CB: Drink plenty of water - at least 5 glasses a day to keep your body hydrated 
Sleep, eat healthy and exercise regularly will ensure you look and feel your best. 
Try and eat organic food where possible as you will absorb more vitamins and minerals!

For all of the latest news and updates on Caprice and By Caprice products visit and and you can follow Caprice on Twitter @CapriceBourret_   
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