Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Beauty Trend Spotlight on Glitter lips

Glitter lips have been working their way up to the top of the beauty trend list for a little while now but when Gigi Hadid strutted her stuff down the catwalk at the Fendi show during Milan Fashion week last month it really made its mark on the trend scales and when Naomi Campbell arrived at the VMA’s a few weeks ago wearing the Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 glitter lip kit, it was officially cemented as the one of the top beauty trends for AW16.

Fendi Milan Fashion Week - StyleBuzzUK

It is certainly a welcome trend for the upcoming festive season and with its promised long lasting durability, and sheer glistening beauty, how can you not love it?! I must say that I have always found any kind of glitter make up look far too teen like and girlie but this is definitely a trend for the more sophisticated beauty lovers. Although having not tried any of the lip kits myself yet, I can’t help but think that the feel of it on your lips might be a little uncomfortable, eating sugared doughnuts without licking your lips springs to mind, but I’m not going to knock it until I’ve tried it! So where can you buy these dazzling delights? See below ..

Glitter lips kit by Beauty Boulevard are available from £12.50 at Superdrug or from and come in a really wide range of colours and promise to last up to 8 hours!

MAC Dazzleglass £17.50 is quite a subtle reflective glitter shine rather than full on glitter dust.

Pat McGraph Lipkit $60 From Sephora (delivers to the UK) as seen on Naomi below. This is the crème de la crème of glitter lip kits and gorgeous red worn my Naomi here is just divine!

Fendi Milan Fashion Week - StyleBuzzUK

StyleBuzzUK - Glitter Lips
Are you brave enough to try silver or cool ice blue?
StyleBuzzUK - Glitter Lips

If you are a little too afraid to go full out glitter, then this Jouer Lipgloss below is perfect, just a subtle hint of glitter here and available in so many shades although this one is the perfect nude and seriously sexy. visit for the full range.

StyleBuzzUK Glitter Lips


  1. Oh I think glitter lips look super pretty! I only imagine them to be super uncomfortable and a pain to remove :D

    Love, kerstin

    1. I know, I was thinking the same actually! Glitter nail varnish is bad enough to remove ha ha