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Exclusive interview with the new Cold Feet star Karen David

Cold Feet is the Bafta award winning show that captured the nations heart's back in 1998 when it first aired, from that very first episode when Adam serenaded Rachel completely stark naked with a single red rose strategically placed in between his bum cheeks, he and the rest of the cast had us hooked. Over 10 million people watched the finale of series 5, which we all thought was the final ever episode and like the rest of the nation I was beyond thrilled at it's return to our screens after a massive 13 years away.

As I sat there just before 9pm last Monday evening with a lovely glass of wine in hand eagerly anticipating it's return, I wasn't the only one, over 6 million people tuned in to watch it's return and the first episode did not disappoint, it honestly felt as though it had never been away and seeing the old cast just as they had left off 13 years ago was like reuniting with old friends.

One thing that had everyone talking in particular was the arrival of Adam's new love Angela played by the stunningly beautiful and delightfully charming Karen David. Adam played by the lovely James Nesbitt, explained to his old pals that they were getting married after only knowing each other for six months and the wedding took place at the end of the first episode despite reservations from Jenny, Pete and Karen and left as all wondering what's next for the couple?

Well I am thrilled to say that the lovely Karen very graciously agreed to do an interview for me about the show along with her style and beauty and lifestyle loves and tips.

Cold Feet is a show that is embedded deep into the nations heart's. You made such a fabulous entrance into the show, and instantly connected with the iconic characters, what was it like joining such a well-loved show and cast and were you a fan of the original series? KD: Firstly, thank you! It means a lot to me, especially when being the newbie on such an established and revered show, with such a mega talented cast! I was a huge fan, having watched the original series only a few years ago, so knowing how big the show was, it was a little nerve wracking for me at first. It's like the first day of school, when you don't know any of the other students and you want to make a good impression and try and fit in! But, everyone was so incredibly lovely and welcoming that all those nerves quickly disappeared. We were all laughing within minutes of starting on Day 1 of filming.

Can we expect any iconic comedy moments in the next few episodes, akin to Adam and the cheeky rose scene? KD: haha! Now that would be telling wouldn't it! ;) I would hate to ruin any surprises! I'd say in general, creator, Mike Bullen, has injected many charming and cheeky moments throughout the new series.

The wardrobe team did an absolutely amazing job with your outfits, you looked fantastically chic in every scene. I want Angela's wardrobe! Who's wardrobe would you raid if you could? KD: The great Darren Finch! He is amazing and makes you look a gazillion bucks! I love working with him so much. I was lucky enough to work with Darren before when I was in "Waterloo Road". He just has the eye for style - the midas touch. I LOVED Angela's wardrobe as well! I couldn't eat much, lol, soups, veggies...basically no full English breakfast for me! I do love fashion, and that stems from my mother, who would pick up copies of Italian Vogue, when I was a little girl. We'd look at all the pretty dresses and shoes, and just swoon over them! There are several wardrobes I'd give my right arm to invade, belonging to: Audrey Hepburn, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Eva Chen...I could go on...

You were the envy of many women around the country when you smooched with the lovely James Nesbitt, but apart from James who would be your dream leading man? KD: It's funny you say that, cause on Day 1 of filming, the first scene was with Jimmy (having only met him for an hour prior to filming), and it was a massive schmooch fest scene (which later got cut), but I was a little nervous! haha Although after a few couple of takes, we were laughing. He's a good sport! Other dream leading men...hmmm...Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Jamie Dornan, Chris Pratt, Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth...again, I could go on! ;)

You lead such a busy life filming various different shows and movies in different locations, not to mention your singing career, how do you manage to not only look fantastic but stay fit and healthy as a busy working woman? Do you have a top tip? KD: It's a huge challenge to stick to a routine, but so important when you work long hours and travel a lot! I start with the basics: sleep as much as I can, whenever I can! I try to drink a lot of water and green tea instead of coffee, especially when I'm filming. I have a strict daily routine with good quality vitamins like probiotics (I swear by them), b complex, and multivitamins. As for exercise, this is challenging when filming long hours, so I do "cup of coffee" workouts in 10 to 15 minute intervals, daily. It's all about the quality of the moves you do vs quantity. Hermione gave me these cute travel friendly dumbbells which I love using! Great for toning arms! There are some great apps which are so user friendly. I love the Nike app, and the 7 Minute workout app. Perfect for when you're on the go! The videos on each of the apps are really good! Other then that, I also meditate daily, which has been life changing! It's so important to relax the mind and renew yourself with good energy - it can really set your day on the right path!

What is your go to saviour skincare product? KD: Hands down, Amore Pacific's Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask. I use this when I'm travelling and when I sleep at night. It works a dream!

If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be? KD: Love yourself. My Papa tells me that everyday, since I was a little girl. We can be our own best friends and our own worst enemies. It's human nature, but we must learn to love, and respect ourselves. Once we master that, everything falls into place.

As a singer yourself, you obviously appreciate good music but we all have that one guilty pleasure that we keep hidden away, what is the worst/most embarrassing song that you have ever bought? KD: haha Isn't it all about "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", kind of thing? Everyone has their own personal taste in music. I like all the music I download, but I have been teased endlessly for having, Martine McCutcheon's song, "Perfect Moment" on my playlist in the past. Okay, don't judge me! lol

A little more about Karen ...
Born in Shillong, in the foothills of the Himalayas, and subsequently raised in Canada, and London, Karen David forged her own way from the very beginning and as well as a singing career she has stared in programmes such as Waterloo Road, Holby City, and currently she is staring as Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valencia" in ABC's fairytale-themed musical-comedy television series, Galavant and is soon to star as Princess Jasmine in ABC's Once Upon a Time.
And you can see her in movies such as Batman Begins, Couples Retreat and The Scorpion King 2.

You can find Karen on twitter @KarenDavid and for all of the latest updates on her shows.

Catch Cold Feet on ITV at 9pm on Monday's

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