Sunday, 20 March 2016

How to style a capsule wardrobe

Simplicity is the key when it comes to having a workable and versatile wardrobe, keep it clean and simple with key pieces in plain & neutral colours that can be swapped around and accessorised in many different ways. Once you have a set of basic items then there are endless ways to wear.

The key to switching up an otherwise plain outfit is to accessorise with some bold and colourful statement jewellery, you really can't beat a good statement necklace for adding style and instant glam to any outfit and you can buy them for around £3 from Amazon so my advice is to stock up on as many colours and styles as you can. Colourful bags and scarfs etc will also give a pop of colour to basic outfit.
Statement necklace
Statement necklaces add instant glam

Blazers, Jackets, Cardigans
I'm a real lover of blazers and just love different coloured blazers for adding a pop of colour in a really polished way, the same goes for cardigans if you are more of a cardi kind of girl. I have so many different coloured blazers but my favourite is a bright red one that I usual wear with a plain black outfit underneath. Another stylish must have to step things up is a black leather biker jacket, this will make the most basic or basics look instantly cool and trendy. 
Coloured Blazer
Stylish Colourful Blazers
Coloured blazers
Coloured Blazers adding glam

Fancy Footwear
I'm a real lover of coloured heels and have had many different colours over the years, they can really add style to a basic outfit and show your personality. Leopard print is another fabulous footwear must have, my favourite pair are from good old Primark (below) and they add sophisticated glam to any outfit.

Leopard print shoes
My budget Leopard print heels

Whether they are skinny or chunky, a belt can sometimes make all the difference to an outfit, I own hundreds of belts in all sizes and colours, and they really do get used a lot. They can create a polished look and cinch in that waist for a lovely hourglass look.

Examples of how a belt can make an outfit
So there you have it girls, my top tips for styling your capsule wardrobe, I hope that it has helped to inspire you. don't forget to leave a comment below or come and have a chat on Twitter @Laura_StyleBuzz

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