Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Designer bag repair plus pre-owned designer bags for sale in Islington!

Girls, how heart breaking is it when your favourite handbag gets damaged or worn over time especially if it's designer and you have paid a lot of money for it! it's something that is inevitable sometimes purely down to the ageing of the bag, I have a vintage Burberry bag which I dug out of storage recently only to find that the leather edging on it was crumbling due to storage through many summers in my hot attic, the worse thing was that I didn't realise how bad it was flaking until I took it out and the black leather flakes ended up all over my dress which just looked like dirt, very embarrassing! I thought that I would never be able to take my beloved bag on an outing again until I received an email about the Handbag Clinic!!

The Handbag clinic cleans and restores handbags and can even change the colour of them.

As well as giving designer handbags a complete overhaul, Handbag Clinic also sources and sells vintage and pre-loved bags from the likes of Hermes, Chanel, Celine and Louis Vuitton.

Every day, the company’s restoration experts provide TLC to bags worth tens of thousands of pounds, offering everything from a handbag clean to a full re-colour. Handbag Clinic also restores Christian Louboutin red soles.

It originally opened on Chelsea’s Kings Road last year and, such has been the demand for its specialist services, it is now set to launch in Camden Passage, Islington this Friday the 18th March. I grew up in Islington and for those of you that have never been to Camden Passage, it is a place that is renowned for it's little boutiques, antique and jewellery shops which I used to love wondering around in as a child, it's a fascinating place.

The expert team at Handbag Clinic has previously taken on all sorts of restoration work, including a Hermes bag from a lady who wanted a pink Hermes Birkin, but didn’t want to put her name on the waiting list. Instead she bought a tan bag and Handbag Clinic completely changed the colour, including re-stitching to make sure the thread matched the new shade, see photo below photo which also includes a before and after of a Chole bag which was in a pretty bad way, the clinic cleaned and restored the leather on the handles to make it look as new.
Hermes Birkin bag
Hermes Birkin bag colour change plus Chloe
This Louis Vuitton had nail varnish stains on it which were expertly removed making the bag as good as new and the lining on the Gucci bag underneath was completely wrecked but as you can see, it was fully restored.

Louis Vuitton bag, gucci bag
Louis Vuitton & Gucci
Just look at this lovely Ostrich bag that had a massive stain at the front and then a lovely Miu Miu Vitello bag that was changed from Beige/Grey to Blue!

Ostrich bag, Miu Miu bag
Ostrich Leather bag & Mui Mui colour change

The Handbag Clinic buyer Charlotte Staerck uses her extensive contacts worldwide to source previously owned designer handbags, which will go on sale in Islington.

The firm was first established in August 2013. It already has stores on Kings Road and Mosley Street, Newcastle. Handbag Clinic has swiftly become a favourite of celebrity clients, including the Made in Chelsea cast, reality TV star Imogen Thomas and Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones.

Visit http://www.handbagclinic.co.uk for more info

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