Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tips for Body Confidence

This is not my normal kind of post but I feel compelled to talk about body confidence as it's something that effects us all as women no matter what we look like, even the most beautiful women in the world will have at some point and probably still do suffer body confidence issues, whether it be wanting to be slimmer or curvier we have all been there and even some of the most beautiful women in the world experience it .. fact!

I notice that in the lead up to a holiday I take military style action to get in shape, usually with not a great result as I leave it until like a month before which is not a realistic goal but when I get there and I'm on the beach looking around at other women in their bikinis I relax and realise that we are all the same, we all have cellulite, wobbly bits and imperfections because nobody is perfect, there is no such thing!!

I have put together some tips for being more body confident and hopefully these will be of some help in the way of learning to accept yourself as the beautiful and amazing creation that you are.

1. Remember that Marilyn Monroe was and still is the biggest sex symbol that Hollywood has ever seen, she was not stick thin or perfect in anyway, her weight fluctuated lots during her career but she still remained top of her game and the most beautiful and famous woman in the world!

2. Looking good starts from within, if you feel good you will look good simple as that, so eat well and look after yourself as much as possible even if this means just enjoying a long soak in the bath and putting on a face mask. Wear your favourite perfume daily, don't save it for a special night out, this can make such a difference to your mood. Another great mood booster is music, it's amazing the power that a good song or two can have on your mood and making you feel epic, so create a playlist of songs that make you feel like your best self to listen to in the mornings.

3. Never underestimate the power of underwear for making you feel and look good, yes I know that nobody else will see it (well maybe if your lucky) but wearing pretty matching underwear makes you feel good and the right fitting bra is essential for making you look good in your clothes, the right bra will make your boobs perkier and help your posture, in turn making you look slimmer and more confident.

4. We always want what we can't have, for me when I was younger it was boobs as I didn't really have any until I reached the age of around 20 and even then there were still pretty small but as I've gotten older they have grown to a whopping E cup (not sure how that happened) and I've realised that having bigger boobs is not all that it's cracked up to be, not only does it make finding clothes a little more tricky, button up shirts are a no no as is anything backless, plus finding attractive bras becomes a little harder as the bigger sizes always tend to look like something that your mum would wear.
It makes laying on my front practically impossible not to mention the old side flop when laying on my back or the pain felt when running up or down stairs.. serious boob issues! So remember that the grass isn't always greener!

5. Learn to appreciate beauty in others without questioning your own. Appreciating someone's else's beauty should not make you feel any less attractive than you are, we are all different and that's the beauty of the world, it would be a very dull place if we all looked the same.

6. When you receive a compliment accept it gracefully. Make a note of all the compliments that you receive and build up a list to look back on say once a month to give you that little boost. Use the notes app on your phone for quick reference.

7. Compliment others! We should be working together as women to make each other feel good, so go on don't be shy, compliment others, I have done it to strangers which may sound a bit daunting to some that are shy but it will make their day, and you will get to find out where those fabulous shoes etc are from .. win win!

8. Remember that all of the photos that you see in the magazines of celebs looking fabulously flawless are not real, they are all airbrushed!!

Well that's it girls, I do hope that it will help in some way, drop me a tweet with your thoughts @Laura_StyleBuzz


  1. Loving your tips! As I'm expecting my first baby soon my body shape is changing so rapidly & it can be hard to stay confident about my body so this post really made me smile.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. HAHA! I totally agree with every single point of the boob problems!
    This is such a lovely follow up post after that fabulous FBLchat.
    Thank you for sharing, this made me smile. :)

    Chloe |

    1. Thanks so much Chloe! Glad that it made you smile :)