Saturday, 31 October 2015

Best beauty hacks

Ok girls, here are some of the best beauty hacks that I have discovered over the years ....

1. To get a little more life out of your mascara when it starts to dry out, place in a cup of warm water for a minute or two and it will be like new.

2. Hand cream doubles up as a hair serum. I discovered this one by accident when I forgot to put my serum in my bag one day, it works wonders and I now actually prefer to use hand cream on the ends of my hair instead of serum.

3. When applying perfume, apply to areas that retain the most heat, I.e. Inside of elbows, backs of knee's, cleavage, back of your neck, and behind your ears. By applying a bit of perfume to each of these areas you are ensuring that you will have a uniform scent that will last all day. 

4. For super curly lashes in half the time, give your eyelash curlers a hot blast from your hairdryer before using. Just make sure that they are not too hot before putting to your eye!! 

5. For thicker looking lashes, apply loose powder before applying mascara.

6. Vaseline for thicker eyelashes and shiny teeth.
This is a really old one that my mum taught me and dates back to the 1940's. Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes before bed to keep them moisturised and encourage growth and for those selfies, apply a little clear Vaseline to your teeth to make them look shiny, this is an old Hollywood trick! 

7. Perfume to shrink spots!
Unfortunately we all still get the odd spot but by dabbing a little perfume on it the spot should reduce in size in no time due to the alcohol content in the perfume. This is a tip I learned over 20 years ago and it actually works, although I'm not sure what to difference is between applying perfume or just straight alcohol to it other than latter might make you smell like you've hit the bottle at 7am?! 

8. For added volume to your hair use dry shampoo at the roots, I wash my hair everyday because I have annoyling greasy roots and also very flat straight hair which drives me bonkers but I've found that using dry shampoo really helps to give it some body and a bit of texture at the roots. Make sure that if you have dark hair you use a translucent dry shampoo or one specifically for dark hair otherwise your hair will end of looking grey! My favourite is Aussie 'miracle dry shampoo' aussome volume, available at Boots. 

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