Monday, 6 June 2016

Roxxy Montana debut their new Single ft. 'Sage the Gemini'

Roxxy Montana burst on to screen's across America and blew everyone away with their amazing vocals when they appeared on Amercian XFactor a few years ago and their talent is hardly surprising given that the three sister's (Temperence, Tenija, and Tiara Moton) are the granddaughters of the legendary Marvin Gaye. Mentored by Simon Cowell the group went on to land themselves a record deal.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the sisters now live in LA where they are working on new material. I spoke to my Twitter pal the lovely Tenija about the latest Roxxy Montana news including their new single 'Way too Good'.

It's been a few years since your appearance on the XFactor, how has your life changed since the show?
Since the XFactor life has been great....Besides the platform it provided and huge fan base we also had time to cultivate our sound.
we moved to La and got to work with some of the most talented people in the industry.

The new single 'Way too Good' is such a good tune does it relate to a personal experience with yourself?
'Way too good' was definitely based on a personal experience not just for me but a lot of other females in the world. We wanted to make an empowerment song for women basically saying you know I love you but I deserve better soo I gotta go.

What was it like working with Sage the Gemini?
Working with sage was amazing!!! when we met him we just clicked soo the record came out amazing.. Musically he's a genius, soo we sent our song over and he recorded his verse in about 2 hours.

When can we expect to hear some more Roxxy Montana tracks?
You will be hearing another single before the years out we plan to keep the songs coming!!!!!

Who is your favourite artist right now and who would be your dream collaboration?
I think we can all agree that our favourite artist out now is Bruno mars...He's amazing!! we would also love to collaborate with him as well.

We all have that one song that we listen to when nobody else is around, what is the most embarrassing song that you have or have had?
The most embarrassing song would have to be what does the fox say!! lol

Who are your style icon's?
Tenija would definitely be a mix between Dianna Ross and Donna summer, big hair and glam.
Tiara is a simple chic kinda girl soo Audrey Hepburn all day
Temperance is a rockstar to her core soo Fee Fee Dobson and Madonna

Do you have any good beauty or make up tips to share?
Beauty Tips I would have to say do what makes you happy and what you think you look good in...I never really been the type to follow trends because they come and go.. Just keep in classy, Class is always in style.

And finally, what advice would you give to young musician's out there, any good tips?
The best advice I can give to new artists would be create music that feels good to you and that's true to you, always be real with your fans and they'll always love and support you.

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Snapchat: BougieBonTen

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