Thursday, 8 February 2018

Interview with DJ Ironik. We talk the new album, Snoop and embrassing music taste!

DJ Ironik is probably most famous for his collab with Elton John on his remix of 'Tiny Dancer' which reached number 3 in the charts back in 2008 as well as other hits including ' Stay with me' and 'I wanna be your man' but after a nasty mugging incident in 2010 which left him in hospital, he took a break from making music and concentrated on his DJing instead but he is back in the spotlight with a new album 'Truth be told' which is top notch and includes collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Ayo Beatz and Big Tobz to name just a few.

I chatted to Ironik about the album and those collabs, plus his most embarrassing music taste!

StyleBuzz: I'm loving the new album ‘Truth be Told’ what was the inspiration behind it?
Ironik: Thank you, I appreciate that. I just felt it's my most honest work yet lyric wise, and the music process, recording in my home studio again, not a fancy massive studio and also making the music I wanted to make. My music has always been a lot slower and laid back but this time I wanted to make the music I listen to a lot in the car, or partying and have fun with it. So it's a truthful album to me, and it was just about the right time to release it I think.

StyleBuzz: Favourite track from the album?
Ironik: My favourite changes daily lol, I’d have to say right now it's the current single were promoting WATCH NUTTIN featuring Ayo Beatz.

StyleBuzz: You have collaborated and worked with the likes of Elton John, Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk and more recently Snoop Dogg and Big Tobz on the new album, but who else would you like to work with in the future?
Ironik: I'm always up for working with artists you wouldn't expect me to ever work with, like the Elton John's or Snoop Dogg, so I think next a Rock collaboration could be cool. Kings of Leon or The Kooks. Or even slow it down a bit more and work with Adele or Alicia Keys would be amazing. I'm also a massive fan of Drake so that would be cool. I also really love all the new artists from the UK J Hus, Not3s, Kojo Funds etc, would be great to work with some of them.

StyleBuzz: How did the collab with Snoop come about?
Ironik: A lot of my collaborations have come about spontaneously if I'm honest, like the Jessica Lowndes (90210). My manager was working in LA on a project with Ray J (who is cousins with Snoop) and he had the Snoop Dogg vocals just around on the computer and randomly kindly offered us to use them as he knew we was working on the album, so we had to get permission from the big man himself and he loved the record and idea after, then we were releasing it.

StyleBuzz: What artists did you listen to growing up?
Ironik: I listened to a lot of UK based artists, from Wiley, to So Solid Crew and Dizzee Rascal, and even before then listening to a lot of garage music, Craig David, Artful Dodger, DJ Luck and MC Neat etc. Those were big influences on my career I'd say.

StyleBuzz: Being a DJ and rapper you are cooler than cool but we all have that one embarrassing track we absolutely love in our music library, you know the kind that would make you lose all your street cred ha ha …what is yours? 
Ironik: Haha thank you. That's a tough one, I'd have to say 'Backstreet Boys - Backstreet's Back' - I used to absolutely love that song growing up so I recently added it back to my music library haha.


The album 'Truth be told' is available now on iTunes  and Spotify and you can follow Ironik on twitter @DJIronik and on Insta at @DJIronik

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