Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Sunday beauty routine that will have you glowing all week!

Whether you are the kind of girl that packs everything into your Sunday's or the kind that refuses to lift a single muscle and just chill out all day (I switch from both depending on how manic my week has been), make sure that you set aside an hour in your day, ideally early evening for a DIY pamper session that will have you glowing for days and have you feeling fabulous on Monday morning!
I have had pretty much the same Sunday evening ritual since I was 15 years old although the products I use have become a little more sophisticated (no more cheap 90's St Ives products) and I swear this is why I have such good skin now.

First things first ... Exfoliate!
It's so important at this time of year to regularly exfoliate your skin, central heating and cold weather play havoc with your epidermis and dry it out something chronic leaving you with nasty dead skin cells that leave your skin looking lack lustre. Exfoliating your skin with get rid of all of that and leave your skin glowing. As well as on a Sunday, I also repeat this midweek.
I'm not just talking about your face either, exfoliate your entire body once a week for glowing skin and make sure that you slather on a nice body butter afterwards to lock in that moisture. I use a simple exfoliating glove from boots, just £3 for two as they are not too harsh on your skin.

Exfoliate for glowing skin

Moisture Boosting Face Mask
This is another very important step in your Sunday ritual, a good moisture mask will rehydrate your skin leaving it not only looking smooth and radiant but this will also leave your skin looking plumper. I swear by Clarins Hydraquench Moisture Mask which is around £27 but there are also some really great cheaper alternatives like the Sanctuary 5 minute Moisture Boost Mask at £10.
Now, if you have oily skin, don't think that this is something you should skip, all types of skin need a moisture boost at this time of year and it's actually really beneficially for oily skin and not moisturising can actually make the oiliness worse!

Moisture Mask

Deep condition your Hair!
Hair suffers just has much from the cold and central heating and I don't know about you, but I get the dreaded static hair at this time if year which is caused by the elements drying out your lovely locks, so it's important to give your hair a moisture boost just has you would your skin. There are so many deep condition hair masks out there but in my personal opinion good old coconut oil is all you need, just slather it on, and leave for an hour or so and wash off.

Deep condition hair

DIY Manicure
We all feel great when we have a nails done right girls? it really ups your feel good factor and this is something that you can easily do yourself at home instead of waiting for your regular appointment at the nail bar, and it will also save you money!
I get so many compliments on my nails and people are shocked when I say that I do them myself, years of practice has made me a pro at this and it all started with my Sunday beauty ritual, here's how to do it....

You will need to get yourself the basic kit such as, nail buffer cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer and nail file but you can often get all of this in a relatively cheap nail kit and once you have this you will be set for life. I will do a post shortly about how to do the perfect DIY manicure but if you regularly get your nails done in the salon you will have seen how they do this and should hopefully be able to do this yourself, if you don't feel confident applying nail polish yourself then just go with a clear or very light coloured nude polish, the whole routine should take you no longer than 20 mins and you will be surprised at how polished and lovely you will look and feel afterwards. Barry M do the best nail polish, lovely colours with a glossy coat and they don't chip easily either!

DIY Manicure

Fake it!
Summer maybe over girls but you can still have that nice glow all year round with a light self tanner, St Tropez do a great light to medium gradual self tanner specifically for your face that will leave you looking nice and healthy rather than OTT umpa lumpa!

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