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Interview with the stars new ITV2 show 'Bromans' dubbed the new Love Island

Interview with Bromans stars

StyleBuzz: So girls tell us a little about the new show "Bromans"?
Natalie: Where do I start? It’s a reality TV show with a little bit of everything thrown in there, action, tears, it will show people's strengths, weaknesses, lots of abs, girls in Bikinis, but the concept itself is taking 21st Century couples back to Ancient Rome to train, eat, live, breath like Romans did 2000 years ago. The boys would go off to train as Gladiators and us girlfriends would help them along the way also taking part in training and getting involved along the way.
Cherelle: Bromans bought us back to Ancient Rome, we had to live like roman wives and our men had to battle it out every day. Don’t get me wrong Roman wives didn’t have it easy, we had to do very physical tasks also, like wrestling in swamps, sandpits and even in the colloseum - it was very Brutal. But we also did girly things like pampering and wine making which was very fun.

Interview with Bromans Natalie
Natalie with her Partner Tian
StyleBuzz: I heard that you were all tricked into thinking it would be a glamorous free holiday with a chance of winning a hefty amount of cash at the end, but that you all had a massive shock when you realised what was involved, did any of you consider walking once you'd realised?
Natalie: It was advertised at audition stages as being palm trees, Sun, Sea, etc, so it made us assume it was going to be like a Love Island kind of programme - chilling by the pool with cocktails and enjoying the sun. However, literally days before we were flown off to film we found out there was in fact going to be gruelling training involved, very hands on and we wouldn’t have much down time to chill and that’s exactly what it was. It was so much harder than any of us anticipated, it was both mentally and physically draining, but the whole experience itself was something else that I wouldn’t have changed for the world.
Cherelle: As soon as we got there we had to change in to these beautiful roman clothes, to which I thought "ooohh I could get used to this", then all of a sudden the girls got chucked in the colosseum and had to do the first challenge ( it was the worst one) it was BRUTAL!!!! I though OH MY GOD what have we let ourselves in for, where is the pool, the cocktails. But my competitive nature was not prepared to give up!

Interview with Bromans Cherelle
Cherelle with her partner Dino
StyleBuzz: What was the hardest thing about the whole experience? 
Natalie: The hardest thing for me personally was doing one of the training tasks, I literally was on the verge of throwing-up in the mouth for one of them. It crossed my mind to bolt out of there and not do the task because I was literally mortified by it all. if you see my face during the task, anyone would have thought someone had run over my dog the look on my face J I’m a massively squeamish person and the training task I was given involved pushing myself to my limits….but I did it in the end, I couldn't give up (brownie point to me) and am thrilled I overcame something I didn’t think I could do.
Cherelle: The hardest thing was the food, there were just slabs of meat with no seasoning and no sauce, with the odd bit of  cucumber,  tomato and boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner - it was horrible.

StyleBuzz: Did it put stress on your relationships or did it bring you closer together? 
Natalie: I think the whole experience brought us closer together because the stress of going through it all made us look out for each other and be supportive. We both understand each other and being there with no phones, no connection to the outside world and being around complete strangers made us appreciate each other’s company so much more. The only stressful part as a couple for myself was all the couples sleeping in the same Roman quarters with beds all next to each other, I didn’t mind sharing my space but what I mean is when you want to get a bit naughty with your partner it’s a bit hard knowing you’re on National TV, haha! Cameras following your each and every move then to top it off you can hear another couple breathing next to you haha….it was very stressful that side of it but we got through it.
Cherelle: Dino and I have been together for almost six years, we live, eat, sleep and go to the gym together - so this for us was a walk in the park! We are used to spending 24/7 together, we are a solid team and it only made us stronger

StyleBuzz: I'm sure that all of you girls arrived with cases full of gorgeous outfits so it must have been really hard being stuck in roman costume the whole time? Although to be fair, some of it was pretty darn sexy judging by the promo photos! How did you feel about the dress theme?
Natalie: To be honest because I knew we would all be in costume it didn’t bother me, If we were going to look like freaks in our costume, at least we would all look the same together! The dress theme made it easier than having to think about what outfits I would need to take with me to show everything off on camera. After I come back home I felt lost without my gold pants and sandals, haha.
Cherelle: The dress theme was either bikini or togas which was absolutely stunning, but for some tasks you would have these potato looking things that just looked horrible, it made some of look like big fat potato sacks!! But the bikinis I could get used to walking round in them in normal daily life now!

StyleBuzz: Were you allowed all of your luxury beauty items or did they really strip it all back to roman times and make you go without? 
Natalie: We were allowed our make-up and whatever we could squash into our tiny bags that we took on set, but we did need to strip back and decide what we couldn’t live without, we had to leave loads in our suitcase. It got to the point where everyone just used everyone else’s stuff whether it be make-up, hair or beauty products, we all just looked after each other and become a little family so we just made do with what we had ( I miss that L )
Cherelle: I was allowed hair  straightners and a little makeup thankfully - I don’t know how I would of survived if we weren’t allowed that!

StyleBuzz: What are you best beauty tips?
Natalie: Best beauty tips…urmmmm I would say a good nights kip (sleep), healthy eating, exercise and I stand by using anti-ageing cream night and day, I have done ever since I was 16….Mother hen's orders.
Cherelle: To be honest I don’t wear much makeup as I'm not very artistic or good at applying it it, but my best beauty tips are fake eyelash extensions. They are the best, you wake up and go to sleep looking the same, they brighten and widen your eyes and make you look more pretty! 

StyleBuzz: What are your Top 3 favourite beauty products right now and why?
Natalie: Anti-ageing cream and wait for it …..from Aldi's Skinny Tanning lotion - it’s amazing, streak-free and also does what it says and makes you feel slim, god knows how but it does the job.
Bare Face Minerals make-up range, it is Vegan, Gluten and animal-friendly and such a good affordable range.
Cherelle: Bonjour's Bronzer I swear by it, I've been using since school, it gives you the best golden tan and is cheap too. I also recommend a good face mask once a week because it really opens out your skin/pores, giving a healthier complexion. I also make sure my  nails are always on point as the first thing people look at is your nails - you must have nice painted nails ladies!

StyleBuzz: What are your Instagram’s girls?
Natalie: @nathillyard
Cherelle: @CherellePerfect

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