Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sarah Harding, from Hero to Zero - CBB

We all love a bit of Celebrity Big Brother don't we, I'm especially loving this one as my girl Sandi Bogle is in there.. yay!

Now I'm really not one to pass judgement on others but one thing I absolutely can't stand is a hypocrite and that is exactly what Sarah Harding is!

On Monday night's CBB she slut shamed US group Fifth Harmony AND Little Mix for their lack of clothing and sexy dance moves and accused them of only selling records because of this fact. She also insinuated that they were a really bad example for young girls.

Although I agree that maybe there is a little too much raunch going on these days when it comes to female artists especially as a mum of a preteen (eek), this is coming from someone who regularly dressed like this on stage ...


And this is not including all of her underwear shots! Not only is this extremely hypocritical but disrespectful and bitchy towards her fellow female artists. As women we should all be building each other up and sticking together not tearing each other down. Even her former band mate Nicola Roberts turned on her with this not so subtle dig on Instagram ....

When it comes to being a bad influence she has been nothing but one in the house, from swigging booze nightly, smoking copious cigarettes and snogging another man when she already has a boyfriend on the outside, what kind of example is that for any young girls watching? She's been more Patsy from Ab Fab than a glowing example of celebville.

Just last night she kicked off and started shouting at everyone in house, she then proceeded to lock herself in the bathroom, telling anyone that tried to console her to sod off  (Charming) before welcoming her new beau Chad with open arms and having a good old snog in there, coming out of the bathroom with all of her make up smudged all over her face was the worst possible image for any young girl to see!

The first thing I thought when I saw her was that she looked like former CBB star Lauren after a heavy session and quite frankly it was embarrassing.

I'm all about supporting other women and would never choose to openly bash another female like this but she has thrown shade at so many other females in the industry and she should be ashamed of her double standards!

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