Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Exclusive Interview with Love Islands Marcel Somerville

I don't think that there were many that didn't watch ITV2's Love Island, from all ages and sexes it had the nation hooked on a nightly basis. We all fell in love with or in some cases, despised some of the contestants but one that stood out for me and won me over from pretty early on was the ever lovely Marcel.

The Ex Blazin' Squad member was the perfect gent all throughout the series and was a listening ear, supporting all in the Villa through their issues and he was funny, genuine and warm.

Marcel Love Island Exclusive

His Romance will Gabby had us all gushing and wishing for our very own Marcel, he proved to be the perfect boyfriend, being there for her when she felt a little insecure, comforting and building her back up again. Every girl needs a Marcel in her life!

He has now gone on to write a book entitled 'Dr Marcel's Little Book of Big Love: Your Guide to Finding Love, the Island Way' which is out tomorrow 24th August.

StyleBuzz: Your new single 'Someone' is out now, how would you describe the song Marce?

Marcel: A summer beach house anthem that will trigger memories of summer 2017 for years to come.
StyleBuzz: What's the story behind it and what inspired you to write it or maybe the question is who? Ha ha
Marcel: The song was inspired by spending a summer with strangers who all became good friends to me and it's a declaration that I'll be here if they need me, I was that guy in there and I'll be that guy out here.
StyleBuzz: Didn't fancy a Chris & Kem rap on it? Ha ha
Marcel: Nah I'll save that feature for a grime tune
StyleBuzz: Will there be an album to follow?
Marcel: There will most definitely be an album to follow, I'm having a few negotiations as we speak.
StyleBuzz: Do you think the Blazin' Squad reunion could be a permanent thing? A full on tour would be amazing!
Marcel: No there won't be a full tour but as the first date sold out in 5 hours we will be doing a second date for those who missed out.

StyleBuzz: It must have been a complete whirlwind since you left the villa, what's been your highlight so far?
Marcel: There have been so many highlights, abseiling the spinnaker tower, releasing 'Someone'.. but I think my biggest highlight was me and Gabby's first night out of the villa, and the second night, and the third. Ha ha.
StyleBuzz: You admitted on 'This Morning' that Gabby was the one, which we all knew just by watching the two of you. Has it been hard not waking up next to her everyday or are you enjoying having a little dating period?
Marcel: Yeah she is definitely that girl in my life. She's amazing and talking her on our first real world date the other night was perfect. Everyday things are just getting deeper and deeper.
StyleBuzz: You also have a book that just about to be released called Dr Marcels 'Little book of big love' Would you fancy having your very own 'Dear Deidre' style column? Or even a TV show? I can just picture it .. real talk with Dr Marcel!
Marcel: I actually already have got my own column in Cosmo and every interview I do I usually get asked a few Dr Marcel questions so yeah I think I could definitely be the new Maury or Jerry Springer.
Check out Marcel's single 'Someone' on iTunes and follow him on social media
Twitter and Instagram: @marcel_rockyb

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  1. Lovely in depth interview Laura, with the handsome Marcel. You asked all the right questions. Good luck to Marcel, he is one lovely fella, who deserves success.