Monday, 22 August 2016

Love Wine? Fancy a laugh?

Hello lovelies! lets face it, we all need a good pick up once in a while and I have a something that I think you will love if you ...
A. Have a spare 10 mins and need something to cure the boredom
B. Are in need of a good laugh
C. Love wine
You need to check Wine Wednesday's on YouTube, hosted by my lovely twitter pal Jamie Lambert from Collabro. Each week he gets someone into the Wine Wednesday studio and basically gets them a little tipsy whilst playing silly games and just having a good old laugh over a few vino's.

My favourite so far was with the lovely Gail Porter, the two of them playing articulate together is hilarious, you can watch the full episode below.

Another great episode is with Emerdale actress Gemma Oaten, she gets quite drunk quite quickly making it hilarious to watch, they end up doing a blind feel of food items which gets a little gross, especially when Gemma starts to eat some of the items..... cold tinned spaghetti anyone?
Jamie has a way of making you feel like you are actually in the room with them, and if you grab yourself a nice glass of shiraz you could almost be there! So there you have it, check it out each Wednesday and take a look through past episodes for a good pick me up. Cheers!!

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